Buried alive in faint praise…..

Intro, intro, who’s got an intro?…. Fuck it… I’m not in the mood for this…. Since I can’t think of anything to put here to draw you in, I’ll just have to dive right in, without any intro…. We all have to learn to live with disappointment, don’t we? Me, I’ve learned to not expect to either get up, or get through a day, without pain. You, well, you’ll have to live without today’s intro…. Feel lucky, that it isn’t doing without something you actually need….. shall we Pearl?….

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.” — Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980)

Hunger… real hunger. Hunger you can feel, in your empty belly, in the trembling in your arms and hands, in your light head, in your absolute focus on figuring out how to make it go away…..

How long has it been since you last felt that feeling? Or, if you did, how long did it last? How long did it take for you to assuage your hunger pangs? An hour? A day? More? Less?…. If you are in America, the most likely answer you will give would be the last. We are fortunate that the quality of life lived by the majority of people in this country allows them to be able to never feel the kind of hunger that lasts more than an hour or so…….

This month has been one with some unforeseen financial events, and my supply of food here in the last 10 days of the month is getting a bit slim. Oh, I’m in no danger of starving, by any means; just dying of boredom from eating the same stuff every day.  I do have more resources than many, many people who are less well off than I. But, if I don’t discipline myself, I will surely be stretching my imagination the last few days to scrape up enough carbs to fill me up sufficiently to avoid prolonged hunger pangs. It sounds bad, but really isn’t too much so, due to some thoughts I had today while I was busy and couldn’t get around to eating, until I was pretty hungry…..

I thought about my hunger pangs…. They don’t hurt, at first, they are merely there, in the forefront of one’s attention, insistent and unrelenting in letting one know that the body is short of fuel. Occupying oneself with anything remotely interesting is enough to drive it out of the front of the mind, and just hang around in the back until you aren’t busy, whereupon it surges forth again, to let you know it isn’t happy.  After a while, one has to decide whether to find something to continue to distract the attention, or do something about eating. Fortunately for me, it was just a matter of getting home from the pharmacy, and I could eat…..

In stark contrast, there are many people out there in this country, and the world, who can’t do anything at all about their hunger pangs, except endure them, for days at a time…. I wish I had an answer to this issue…. Well, I do, but it is the same answer as the solution to global warming, overpopulation, and the other issues about which I’ve previously ranted.

That answer lies in making changes to human nature, changes in the attitudes of the beloved ruling class, and all those ignoramuses who support them. Without those changes, the necessary changes to society will not happen, and we won’t have to worry too much longer about getting hungry….. breathing will have assumed primary importance by that time….

“Any fully matured science of ecology will have to grapple with the fact that from the ecological point of view, man is one of those animals which is in danger from its too successful participation in the struggle for existence.” — Joseph Wood Krutch

A Dying Tiger—moaned for Drink—
I hunted all the Sand—
I caught the Dripping of a Rock
And bore it in my Hand—

His Mighty Balls—in death were thick—
But searching—I could see
A Vision on the Retina
Of Water—and of me—

‘Twas not my blame—who sped too slow—
‘Twas not his blame—who died
While I was reaching him—
But ’twas—the fact that He was dead—

Emily Dickinson

I don’t know about y’all, but when I was reading this poem from Emily, the face of the lawyer I dislike the most kept floating over the face of the tiger…. strange, but not particularly mysterious, considering…… enjoy!

If a lawyer and an IRS agent were both drowning, and you could only save one of them, would you go to lunch or read the paper? — Smart Bee

Now, THAT’S funny! Some folks think that making fun of lawyers and those of the same ilk, (self-serving, avaricious, completely without compassion….) isn’t nice. They believe that lawyers and IRS agents are sincerely trying to help people with their problems. These are the same people who go to church on Sunday, listen to a sermon about the starving children in third world countries, and go home to sit down to a table full of food with no feelings of guilt. The same people who rant and complain about illegal immigrants, but won’t deign to work in the fields to harvest the food they eat, or will pay one of those illegal immigrants less than minimum wage to clean their house.

I say, FUCK THEM!!! Fuck the lawyers who use the misery of others to line their own pockets. Fuck the IRS agent who sweats some poor slob for thousands of penalty dollars because he made an inappropriate exemption claim on his form, so he could maybe get a dollar or two back on his return, instead of paying twice as much, percentage-wise, as any millionaire. Fuck the 1%, too, those greedy assbites.

Fuck the preacher/priest, who doesn’t pay any fucking taxes at all, and counsels obedience to worldly authority. And fuck the fucking politicians, who have set up and continue to take advantage of a system that keeps the honest, hard-working citizen on his knees, and rewards lying, cheating, bullying, and stealing from the public treasury….. Fuck them all, hard, in the place it will hurt the worst….

Sorry about the vulgarity; all of a sudden, the anger I feel at the world’s situation these days built up beyond my ability to contain, and it needed to come out somewhere….. this was handy. Anger, I know, is often counter-productive, but in this case its underlying cause, the desire of mine that is denied, can be laid directly at the feet of those I mentioned above.

What I want is for everyone to have a fair chance to be happy. That’s all, and that would be enough. That is what our Constitution was supposed to provide, but those perverted assholes who actually run things have done all they could to see that purpose is not fulfilled. The average Joe today doesn’t have a chance, unless he is willing to give up all of his humanity in the search for wealth and power. IT FUCKING MAKES ME CRAZY!

Okay, that’s enough on that for one day. I could easily write another five or six paragraphs giving examples of the egregious lying, cheating, and stealing going on in front of us, but that would no doubt end up boring us both. Instead I’ll ask you to go register to vote, to make sure that, for this election at least, there is a chance to push back the forces of ignorance that once again threaten our way of life…..Register, and make sure to vote……

Well, I feel better, if not altogether good. I always find a good bit of ranting to be cathartic, and actually helps keep me from biting some other innocent fool later in the day…..  🙂   Y’all take care out there, and May the Metaphorse be with you…..

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.




13 thoughts on “Buried alive in faint praise…..

  1. I feel like that somedays too, happens to the best and worst of us.

    As for voting, voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Thus, I abstain. and continue to hope for the demise of the state.

    Chin up, my friend.

    • Sorry so slow to respond… back pain kept me away from the computer yesterday after noon….

      I used to feel that way about voting…. I wanted to be able to say, “Look, it’s not MY fault, I didn’t elect him!” But, that became untenable, as I realized two things….

      One, there are way too many folks out there who WILL choose the greater of the two evils I perceive, since they don’t perceive it the same way. They will ALL vote, and thus we end up with Nixons, and Johnsons, and Reagans, and Bushes galore, all of whom were more evil than the other choices (well, maybe Johnson was marginally better than Wallace….) If I don’t vote, I’m giving them carte blanche to fuck with ME…. Too many people feel as you do, and they are destroying their own, and everyone else’s, chance to effect change….

      Second, I remembered what Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers warned us… The only way a government like ours can work is if every citizen takes it upon themselves to educate themselves as to the issues, and takes it as duty to take an active part in determining the direction to be taken. Again, if I don’t vote, I am forgoing use of one of my only tools for that purpose, and refusing the legacy that they fought so valiantly to secure for us….. I believe that they were right, and we are witnessing the proof today, as far too many right-thinking people do not come out to vote, and the Stupids win again…. This is why we have a Republican controlled Congress stifling every reform measure the POTUS attempts to introduce, and nothing gets done. Then they blame the POTUS for nothing getting done….There are people out there who believe this BS, and they all vote…. If we want to wish for the demise of the state, then WE have to do it…it won’t do it on its own….

      That is why I vote….

      I thank you for the encouraging words, but my chin is up, even when I’m depressed, as I know this too shall pass, and one must needs keep the eyes up to observe the perimeter…. 🙂 You take care as well, and Blessed Be….

      • Thanks for the delayed, long, but excellent reply.

        If it were but a simple matter of just voting for the lesser of evils, I probably would vote; however, the kind of change that is necessary in this world will never be effected by the state.

        Of course, that means I am an anarchist; but, there is no need to apply the populace’s stereotype to that. I am not a violent man by any means. Though, you’ve probably figured that out already.

        The problem with government, is that its purpose is to take from all (or at least 99%) and distribute as the rulers see fit. Because of this, government will always attract those most unworthy of public service. Then is born again organized crime, with absolute power and corruption. These thieves also maintain armies to keep the thieving alive.

        There are many ideas as to how we might live, once mankind decides to wear the pants of responsibility. I don’t know how it will be, I can only hope to see it in my lifetime.

  2. “A fair chance to be happy”…that would be good. I see so many unhappy people these days that it’s difficult to try and stay positive, but I have to for the loved ones in my life. Our children did not deserve this mess that we’re in, and so I refuse to give up hope. If nothing else, I try to give the people in my life little doses of happiness whenever I can, and that’s all that I can do. Your writing tells us a story of not just yourself, but many others, and I think we need to read those words. Too many people are looking the other way. I’m thinking of you my friend… 🙂

    • Aye, my brother, I do indeed… which is part of why I could never understand why we weren’t supposed to use it, like they tried to teach me in Sunday School…. 😉 Thanks for stopping in, haven’t seen you, or been able to get by your site, in a while… good to see you’re still around… take care, & Blessed Be…..

    • Aw shucks!…. 🙂 That’s a blushing smiley…. Thanks, m’dear, glad you liked it…. you always do like straight talk…. Blessed Be, my friend….

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