Any old garage would do…..

Everyone and his uncle’s brother’s cousin’s wife’s boyfriend will be writing their own take on 9/11/01 today, so I will limit my own response to the following:  Be patriotic – question authority. — Bumper Sticker   ‘Nuff said!….oh well, gotta say this too….. get over it!!! Learn to play nice and terrorism won’t be an issue any more…..
Okay, so maybe I will have a couple of points to make…..the part of the entire terrorism issue that bothers me the most is the absolutely idiotic response that one gets from most Americans when asked about the events of that fateful day. I call the reaction idiotic for a simple reason; because it is. No one seems to have any idea ‘why’ we were attacked, nor do they care. The act itself becomes the focus of attention, and the motivation is ignored. This is idiotic, for sure and for certain. In order for events like these to be prevented, the motivation of the perpetrators becomes paramount. How can you expect to be able to stop this kind of fanatic activity, if you don’t know why it happened to begin with?
It was obvious to me from the moment I first heard of the attacks that they were carried out by fanatic zealots; only those with a sense of martyrdom would have been able to carry out a mission that assured their own deaths, whether victorious or not. Faced with this kind of insanity, it seems obvious that determining motivation would be the most important detail needed to be able to find them; any competent hunter can verify that. And the motivation is so obvious anyway! But no one in our country is willing to accept the FACT that our own actions were responsible for the hatred felt by the misguided fanatics who carried out the attacks. Yes, us. It’s our own damn fault they hate us, for they are only mirroring the disdain we show to their beliefs. As I said above, if we would learn to play nicely, and quit acting the part of the bully, the other kids in the sandbox wouldn’t be ganging up on us.
But, there are very few Americans left who can be honest with themselves, much less with anyone else. Our leaders have indoctrinated us well to accept anything they say, whether it is in the same neighborhood as truth or not (usually not; they lie to us without shame, constantly). When I first heard about the incidents of 9/11, my first impression was that the whole scenario very much resembled the events one only heard about during the cocaine wars in South America in the 1970’s. You may or may not recall that G. Bush Senior was in charge of the CIA at the time, and was pretty clearly responsible for the growth of the drug cartels, and for the strengthening of the drug trade here. (A very damning book on the subject was written, called “The Cocaine Papers”) I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was found to have been the real mastermind behind the attacks on 9/11/01. His son’s presidency was in trouble in the summer of 2001. There were a lot of investigations going on into the chicanery involved in the hijacking of the voting system by the Republicans, and these investigations were getting pretty close to showing how the American public had been fooled into believing that the election was clean, and free of manipulation, when in fact the Republicans had been successful in hiding their manipulation of the results in at least one state. That state just happened to be the pivotal state; if Gore had taken that state (which, in reality, he did), instead of Bush, he would have been elected, and the world would be a different place.
What better time for a terrorist attack, to distract the public from the chicanery with a terrible loss of life, and make certain that those allegations would never be looked at again? No, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, because the whole scenario had GHW Bush written all over it. I wonder what would happen if somebody followed the money…’s also somewhat curious that there has been no real investigation into that aspect of the affair. We were told (by those who lie to us on a daily basis) that it was the Taliban who was responsible, and so we set off on a world-wide hunt for the bad guy. Several trillion dollars later, we are still trying to find them all. We managed to kill Osama bin Laden, and wasn’t it convenient that he died before he could be questioned, or make any public statements? Very handy, that…..
Whew, I should know better than to start a rant so early in the morning. Now my sense of outrage is fully stimulated, and it is NOT directed at the Muslims in the world; it is directed at the political tyrants present in EVERY government in the world, and especially our own,who will say and do anything at all to maintain their own status quo. These power-hungry zealots (yes that term does apply, to Catholics, Christians, Muslims, and every other religion fighting over who has the most powerful imaginary friend) are the ones who are responsible for the events of that fateful day, and I for one would like to see them punished for all the heartache and sorrow they have so callously pushed upon the rest of us.
Enough for one morning….if you have comments, questions, or whatever, feel free to respond. Dialog is essential in seeking truth….meantime, enjoy this morning’s offerings, and think good thoughts for all those who died ten years ago. Let us make their deaths worthwhile, by seeking out the truth, and by not allowing hatred to hinder the quest for peace…..

“Virtue is but heroic bravery, to do the thing thought to be true, in spite of all enemies of flesh or spirit, in despite of all temptations or menaces.” — Albert Pike (1809-1891)

O Lord, grant that we may always be right, for
Thou knowest we will never change our minds.
— Old Scottish Prayer

“Basing our happiness on our ability to control everything is futile.” — Stephen R. Covey

No words suffice the secret soul to show,
For truth denies all eloquence to woe.
— Lord Byron (1788-1824)
— The Corsair, Canto iii, Stanza 22

If a person deceives you once, shame on that person. If a person deceives you twice, shame on you! For of all hard things to bear and grin, the hardest is being taken in.

Well, this one should start a conversation or two……y’all take care out there……

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.


Just Dozer


2 thoughts on “Any old garage would do…..

  1. The world would be a better place????? (with Gore in charge)
    Kind of like it is now?
    Politicians are all the same no matter the party. Trusting in one side or the other is pure idiocy, IMHO.
    And do you really think someone like Osama Bin Laden should have been given a chance to speak, after all the atrocities he has admitted to committing? And besides, it was a Democratic president who decided to toss him in the ocean. So where does your conspiracy theory fit there?

    • As a general rule, I try not to write about politics too often, as it does tend to cause intense feelings in a lot of folks, and I don’t particularly enjoy arguing with friends. But having done so, I’ll take my medicine….point by point, then.

      First, I didn’t say the world would be a better place; I said it would be different, and that is a certainty. And I must point out that it could not possibly have been worse than having to put up with the Shrub for two terms…

      I agree that politicians are all the same; it takes a seriously sick person to want that much power, and I don’t trust any of them either. I voted for Obama, but am disappointed with much of what he’s been able to accomplish, or not accomplish, as the case may be. Much of his potential ability to get things done is incredibly hampered by the constant sniping carried out by his political opponents, just as every president has had to deal with in the last 40 years. But I certainly don’t see anyone in the current crop of candidates that would make me vote for anyone else in the next election.

      Lastly, the killing of Osama bin Laden was, to me, a farce; a passion play with a script right out of a spy novel. And it is not a matter of whether he should be allowed to speak; he was the top man, and as such his knowledge of the intricacies of Al Qaeda’s activities would have been incredibly valuable intelligence. However, as he is not around to answer any questions, we’ll never know whether there was a conspiracy or not, and that, I believe, was the whole point of the exercise, to keep any potentially embarrassing truths from being aired. There was no attempt to capture at all; he was killed on sight, and who ordered it done that way is anybody’s guess. It may have been Obama who gave the order, but we’ll never know for sure now. Having him dead served to eliminate the entire issue, and could only be considered a win-win from a political standpoint. From a military standpoint, capture would have been no more effort than killing, but killing him outright made sure that his own people would make him a martyr, thus continuing the conflict. Politicians NEED conflict to be able to convince the citizens to remain in a constant state of fear, and keep them(us) from examining the truth too closely. Such is the nature of the political beast…..

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