Salsa requires rhythm, and tight shoes……

Gather ye round, children, and I will tell you a tale. We speak here today of days gone by, with love for memory, and hope for tomorrow. This tale is one of loss, and hope, and love, and fear. It is a tale of two humans, strong and brave, and the day they met……in the shadow of the future… Listen now, as the tale begins……

“Life is full of surprises when you’re up th’ stream of consciousness without a paddle…” — Zippy the Pinhead

Having been in this position a number of times over the years, I can attest that Zippy hit this nail squarely on the head, driving it home with one swift blow. What I particularly like about this is that Zippy has shown us how to assimilate and accept our position when we find ourselves this far out of touch with our GPS, and how to best react to having fallen prey to our own foolishness. Long story short; this is the way it is, so either learn to keep the paddle in the canoe, learn how to make paddles from almost anything, or learn to enjoy new scenery.

All of us, or at least all of us who can admit to having made a mistake without going through all sort of contortions, have found ourselves in this body of water at one time or another. How long we stay there is entirely up to us. Many folks spend a day or two whining about it before they’ll condescend to admit they need help, then wait to be rescued. Others enter the state of Denial, where nothing is anybody’s fault, and I’m not lost anyway. These folks will spend an inordinate amount of time justifying why they aren’t looking for a new paddle, then borrow one from their neighbor, and never return it. Still others will maintain that this was where they intended to go in the first place, and insist that they are to be put ashore and left alone, so they can walk back to civilization without being seen. And a very few will look around, chuckle at their own ineptitude, and proceed to fashion a paddle out of nearby vegetation.

The difference between all of these folks is one of attitude. One can accept reality and deal, or one can fear it, and spend all their time finding ways to avoid dealing. So, when people tell me they think my attitude stinks, I just say to them, “I don’t have an attitude problem–it’s supposed to be like this.”, smile gently, and go merrily on my way……

“There appears to be irrefutable evidence that the mere fact of overcrowding induces violence.” — Harvey Wheeler

Several days ago, I wrote a couple of paragraphs about overpopulation, wherein I made reference to experiments on rats that had been conducted that, in summary, concluded this exact point, to wit: overcrowding induces violence. Those experiments have also been performed with humans, and other animals, as the subjects, and all of them show the same characteristic when under the stress of overpopulation. Normal species behavioral patterns become disrupted, and unpredictability becomes the norm. Unfortunately, the word “irrefutable” continues to be called into question by fundamentalist religious mavens, political pundits on the extreme Right, and the usual complement of fat cats who believe they are immune to the problems afflicting the rest of society.

It’s not clear to me just why these folks prefer to bury their heads in the sand over this issue; it’s not as if the proponents of the concept are not willing to listen to argument, or adjust the theory in light of evidence. But those who would deny these “facts” will not listen, or even discuss, any alternative viewpoints, convinced as they are of their own infallibility. At least the rest of us can always say that we tried to share the Truth with them; we just can’t make them believe it…….

Eat less and chew well.
Ride less and walk often.
Have fewer clothes and launder often.
Worry less and work harder.
Waste less time, and continue to learn.
Talk less and listen more.
Frown less and laugh often.
Speak less and act more.
Blame less and praise others.
Take less and give a hundred times over.
— Kenzo Futagi, describing the secrets of life.
— He lived well over a hundred years.

I like this for its simplicity. And for the valuable information shared by this gentleman, to which his age lends an air of credibility, proving its pertinence by evidence of his longevity. One could do worse than to take this and try to make it part of their own outlook on life. It’s pretty obvious that it can’t hurt…….

I’m not sure, but he seems to be inordinately fond of beetles.
— J.B.S. Haldane, — when asked what has the study of biology had taught him about the Creator


1. Only published one book.
2. It was in Hebrew.
3. It had no references.
4. He did not publish it in referenced journals.
5. Some doubt He even wrote it Himself.
6. He is not known for His cooperative work.
7. Sure, He created the world, but what has He done lately?
8. He did not get permission from any review board to work with human subjects.
9. When one experiment went awry, He tried to cover it up by drowning all the subjects.
10. When sample subjects do not behave as predicted, He deletes the whole sample.
11. He rarely comes to class-just tells His students to read the Book.
12. It is rumored that He sometimes lets His Son teach the class.
13. Although He only has 10 requirements, His students often fail His tests.
14. He expelled His first two students for learning.
15. His office hours were infrequent and usually held on a mountain top.
— faculty members at Kansas State University — instructors at Allen County Community College

Not being one to gild a lily……onward….

Happiness is a state of mind.  Not happy?  Change your mind.

I’ve studied a lot of different religions and philosophies during my lifetime, and have naturally come to some conclusions about what I’ve learned. One of them is this: almost all religions and philosophies have points of similarity, where the beliefs of one are echoed in the other. This is one of those ideas that all espouse, and can be recognized by the very simplicity that lends it infinite depth. This is such a basic concept that its subtlety makes it difficult to comprehend. “Not happy? Change your mind.” How brilliantly simple this is! So simple it’s hard to assimilate.

Like all of the most profound truths, this concept is so simple that it appears complex. But it is one of the most powerful of all the tools we humans possess, a strong ally in our struggle to achieve contentment and inner peace in life; utterly simple, and utterly powerful. The ability to change ourselves is in reality the only real power we have in this world; the ability to do so allows us the freedom of choice, in a universe that is completely indifferent to our comfort, or to any of our needs. With this power, we can avoid a lot of pain and anguish in life, the kind of pain that comes with being forced into a certain pattern of behavior by the demands of reality. Instead, we can assume control of how we feel, and how we react to difficulties in our lives. It’s good to have some kind of feeling of control over our own fate; it’s not something that is included in the package we are issued at birth……

“… not picked from the leaves of any author, but bred amongst the weeds and tares of mine own brain.”– Thomas Browne

“An ill-favoured thing, sir, but mine own.”  — William Shakespeare (1564-1616), As You Like It — Act v, Sc. 4

Today’s Pearls of Virtual Wisdom were inspected by the quality control committee in my brain, and found to be acceptable for publication. The two quotes above these lines are your guarantee that all of the comments herein were created in my own feverish little collection of grey matter; the universe at large takes no responsibility for any consequences resulting from the consumption of these concepts, and urges you to read with caution. Ideas can be dangerous in the hands of the wicked or the ignorant among us…..always consult a professional before ingesting any information with which you are unfamiliar.

“Well, it just seemed wrong to cheat on an ethics test.” — Calvin

Enough tom-foolery for one morning. I’m gonna go see what kind of trouble I can get into today. Y’all take care out there…..

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.




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