Look Behind the Closed Doors

Here is another post, from a different survivor, whose words are as compelling as only truth can be…..

Rebecca Mott

After my post yesterday, I have felt I have to write more, get closer into the realities of pushing prostitution indoors.

I want to confront why it is possible to believe that it must be safer – I want to look at some of the many myths that make that illusion.

I want to reach into your hearts – and I want to see the escort, the woman in the sauna, the girlfriend material, the woman doing video sex for you, the woman in the brothel – I want you see all women and girls doing indoors prostitution as fully human. Not just goods to be brought and sold for selfish sexual needs.

Only if you can know and truly believe that all the prostituted are fully human – not just objects to give sexual services – can you enter the world of indoors prostitution and know the ordinary violence…

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