Pimp- and Punter-Language Will be Deleted

Another strong statement from a strong woman…. speaking hard words that need saying…. Talk hard!

Rebecca Mott

This is a blog that is about abolition, and showing the reality of what it is to have exited indoors prostitution. This blog has a large readership of women recovering from the damage of being inside the sex trade.

Therefore this is not a space for pimps, punters and other apologists for the sex trade to rant on – hell there is millions of spaces for that language.

As an exited woman in most of the public sphere I have no place to voice my reality. All the time it is drowned out by the apologists of the sex trade.

Exited women rarely have access to freedom of speech. So when exited women create their own spaces it becomes vital to their survival.

We will not allow it to be poisoned by those who want to silenced us, and destroy us utterly.

So here are a few guidelines of what…

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