More food for thought, on a subtle point that escapes most people who examine this issue. Please read, think about this, and share it as widely as you can… it is information that everyone in society should be aware of….

Rebecca Mott

The most common and dangerous myth is the belief that there must some punters somewhere who respect the prostituted.

This myth goes down into many prostituted women and girls, and its poison is slowly killing them – giving them the illusion of hope and then smashing it down into their face.

The good punter does not exist, has never existed, and there is no utopia where good punters can exist.

Look at the reason that so many on the outside of the sex trade wants – often in a desperate manner – to have the myth of the good punter.

It often comes from the place of deciding that prostitution must be normal sex, maybe on occasions slightly more kinky or slightly more dangerous. But always in the framing of it being a mutual business exchange.

In this framing, the good punter is respectful, does sex not to harm but…

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