This young woman knows whereof she speaks… and she speaks the truth, with no shadings for comfort… Are you strong enough?…. I’m glad she is…

Rebecca Mott

This week the week of Shakespeare’s birthday, and I think of –

“If you cut me, do I not bleed?”

That may be said by a male character, but it is true for all prostituted women and girls.

It is true we are cut, we are raped, we are verbally abused, we forced into ignoring all human emotions – and always it is made of no importance.

Could it really be that it is more than just punters and sex trade profiteers who are the instruments of making the prostituted class sub-human.

It is the majority of most cultures and societies that makes our wounds and hurting invisible – this includes those who claimed to be on our side, but still view the prostituted as sub-humans.

Let us look at the normal existence of many of the prostituted – look with eyes of denial, eyes that make the normal abuse of…

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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles Ned. If it’s any consolation, it doesn’t seem to be affecting your writing or your thinking! And I would imagine blogging probably helps take your mind off things. It certainly does me — writing and spending time with my horse are like mini vacations for me. Anyway — feel better soon! 😀

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