Here is another post from a survivor of the sex slavery trade… please share this with all of your followers as well… This atrocity will never end until we all join these women in their fight… Free our sisters, Free Ourselves….

Rebecca Mott

How do I find words for the depths off my grief? How do I express all that was stolen from?

In this post, I speak to that, I speak not for me but for so many exited women who grief is so deep, they cannot remember how to cry.

I shall try to write to the huge gaps and silences that we carry with us.

We may be silent, we may be living in a world of silence – but we are not passive, we have not forgotten, we are not destroyed.

Our silence is because words cannot fit fully our memories, our pain and certainly not our deep grief. All I say is sketches of what it was that we make wordless.

A huge part of our grief is we live in an environment where women and girls disappeared. They vanish into a horrible silence.

The evil of the…

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