Staring Into Hell

Please read, and listen to her pain… all of us need to realize the extent of this plague on our society, and do what we can to stop it….

Rebecca Mott

I often speak of sexual torture – but rarely do I say what or why it is so bad. This post is written from the place of depression, swallowed rage, of what it was to prostituted and live inside the banal normality of torture.

I write to the place where it was no longer rape, no longer battery, no longer bad language – it was just our routine.

That is when rape, battery and mental abuse is made torture – when it done so often by so many men and ignore by the majority of outsiders that it becomes just the role that the prostituted must perform.

Torture is excused by saying this prostituted class are needed to prevent real sexual violence being done to real women and girls.

Torture is made invisible by saying and believing that the prostituted class enjoy and choose their lifestyle.

Torture is not allowed to…

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