Please don’t coddle the rutabaga….


You may have noted a bit of format inconsistency in the last few Pearls. This is result of changes in the process, wherein the program in which they are composed switched from PIM software to the Open Office word processor. That change caused the spacing and the font to become unpredictable.

Thus, today we are using Kingsoft Office, using their word processor, a very close model of MS Word (the interface ‘look and feel’ are almost identical to Word). If this is a bit more predictable in transferring data to the WordPress editing page, and from there to the final posted page, then I’ll start using this for composition….. We’ll see….

I’ve also got to do something about an ISP here at home. I hate having to make nice with Comcast, but since there is no other choice available, they’ll have to do…. Walking down the hill to the coffee place is nice, but is getting old fast, despite the very fast network…..

There, now we have performed the requisite whining for the day, maybe we should just get on with it, and start the morning’s dive for pearls. I can see no alternative, so….. Shall we Pearl?…..

Miss, n.: A title with which we brand unmarried women to indicate that they are in the market. — Ambrose Bierce, “The Devil’s Dictionary”

While this quote is intended to be funny, it actually perpetuates the discriminatory,Β  proprietary labeling of women in our society, exactly the way this says it does. By using such terms, we “brand” women according to their eligibility to be possessed by a man, to serve as his property, and think nothing of it. Indeed, a person is considered polite and well-mannered when he or she uses these societal forms of address, never even considering the implications of what they are saying.

Men are either Mister, or, as boys, Master. That’s pretty indicative of the mind-set that using these terms puts the speaker in; men are assumed superior, merely for being male. Women are either Miss, Mistress, or Missus (Mrs., probably a shortened form of Master’s Mistress… or some such….. ), automatically placing them in the subordinate position to the males.

In the last part of the 20th century, society began to use the term Ms., pronounce mizz, to indicate a woman not married, and not to be automatically considered as a candidate for marriage, in an attempt to mitigate somewhat the restrictive mental attitudes that accompany such terminology, and it has had a fairly positive effect, though in no way complete or enough.

This small change is merely one step in the direction society needs to go, and the journey is not a short one; these attitudes have been part of society for thousands of years. It will take a concerted, sustained effort to change the way people think, even partially. But none of us, men or women, can consider ourselves truly free , free to be, and free to become who we CAN be…. which makes the effort the only rational choice…..

All of this does not even touch upon how these attitudes open the way for the trafficking in human beings that continues to take place all over the world. Because of the assumed male superiority, it becomes a very short step to assuming that men may do whatever they please with women. This includes the rape and abduction of young girls and women, taking them to far away cities where they are forced to work as sex slaves by unprincipled men, who hide behind the laws that protect them; laws also written by men.

This has been going on for centuries, and continues right here in this supposedly advanced country. The public does not pay any attention to the sex trade, as long as it isn’t right in their faces; the unscrupulous, misogynistic men, and women, who run these businesses talk of “victimless crimes” as if the women involved were willing participants, while in reality, most of the women are trapped there by abusive, terrorist men who rape and/or beat them repeatedly until their will to resist, or even live, is gone, thus making them pliable and docile.

These men, and the women who sometimes join them in their depredations, are sick, disgusting scum, and society needs to excise them from the tree of life. To my way of thinking, a long, drawn out period of torture and pain before death is what they deserve, but I am willing to settle just for death. This trade in sex and the slavery that supports it are a scourge upon society, and should be dealt with just as if it were any other type of threat against the species, with swift and complete justice, and no mercy…..

Free our sisters, free ourselves….

Come On In, The Senility Is Fine
People live forever in Jacksonville and St. Petersburg and Tampa,
But you don’t have to live forever to become a grampa.
The entrance requirements for grampahood are comparatively mild,
You only have to live until your child has a child.
From that point on you start looking both ways over your shoulder,
Because sometimes you feel thirty years younger and sometimes
thirty years older.
Now you begin to realize who it was that reached the height of
It was whoever said that grandparents have all the fun and none of
the responsibility.
This is the most enticing spiderwebs of a tarradiddle ever spun,
Because everybody would love to have a baby around who was no
responsibility and lots of fun,
But I can think of no one but a mooncalf or a gaby
Who would trust their own child to raise a baby.
So you have to personally superintend your grandchild from diapers
to pants and from bottle to spoon,
Because you know that your own child hasn’t sense enough to come
in out of a typhoon.
You don’t have to live forever to become a grampa, but if you do
want to live forever,
Don’t try to be clever;
If you wish to reach the end of the trail with an uncut throat,
Don’t go around saying Quote I don’t mind being a grampa but I
hate being married to a gramma Unquote.Β  ~~ Ogden Nash

I thought something a little lighter was called for after the initial rant…. Enjoy!

________________________I was looking through my pictures last night, and saw this one, which I’ve used before in this blog. I was struck again at how absolutely hilarious the caption is, given the sheer evil in the eyes of that kitten…… Surely, he is a prince of darkness, and that puppy will be listening VERY closely from now on…… This led me to looking at more pix of dogs, cats, and a multitude of other animals with which these two companions of mankind’s hearth occasionally form relationships. For example….Now, don’t the two of them look pleased with themselves? Indeed they do, and rightly so, having both mocked and worshiped Man in one simple pose together…. Of course, dogs and cats can learn to love one another, without doubt, as exampled here….Of course, there are moments in any relationship that would try the patience of a saint….Dogs are pretty non-discriminatory, all in all, don’t you think?Then, though there were more examples I could give, I saw this, which, like all the other pictures, were found on Facebook…. It seemed like the perfect finish to this piece, even given my thoughts on God…. But this fits right in with what I would want a God to be like, for sure….Okay, stop sniffling, it’ll be alright…. Have a good afternoon, if you are so inclined….and say hello to one of our furred friends when you see one…. They’ll be glad to say hello….

Everybody likes Art, so that last pearl should go over pretty well, I think….. Of course it will be a hell of an email to get sent, but hey, I’m the one making the big bucks here, so….. Oh, wait…. I’m not making anything from this…… Ah well, I can dream, can’t I?…… Y’all take care out there, and May the Metaphorse be with you…..

Sometimes I sits and thinks,

and sometimes

I just sits.







7 thoughts on “Please don’t coddle the rutabaga….

  1. Font looks fine, Ned… You’re winning, my friend.. πŸ™‚
    Very eclectic rant today; pretty much covered life here today. From the warmed up death of slavers, to the passing mind of the Granpa, to the adorable pics of our furry friends… Loved those pic, Ned….
    All in all, a snapshot of life well posed..! πŸ™‚

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