Near the end of the Plasticene Era….

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a word! It’s a train of thought! It’s…… Bloggerman!  Faster than a speeding thought, able to leap tall metaphors in a single bound, this mild mannered writer for a large internet blogging community, risks humiliation and embarrassment on a daily basis, bringing to the reading public the views and opinions they won’t see on TV…. Join us today, as he once more joins battle with the forces of evil, cleverly disguised as normal priests and politicians, whose wicked agenda makes them seek to harden your water, frighten the baby, poison your cat, and make your whites dingy….. Now, that’s evil….

Obviously, it’s time for coffee…. I’ll be back…. The above paragraph sort of wrote itself, as I sat waiting for the coffee to finish, so I let it have its way, and since it came out in an acceptable form, we’ll let it stay…. It’s probably too late to start over, and it might stimulate a chuckle or two, so, what the hell…. It can’t be any less appropriate than the intro sections from the last few days, which have been rather painful to create, with all sorts of contortions and hoops to jump through, a process this old body/mind conglomerate just doesn’t tolerate so well any more…. And what you are hearing now is the LAST complaint for today falling from my mouth, or out of my head, or onto the screen, choose your own metaphor…..

Nobody likes to listen to complaints, unless they are funnier than whatever else is going on, and that isn’t the case here, is it? I may not be the world’s greatest writer, yet…., but I know funny, and so far, this isn’t it….. Unless, of course, the chaotic ramblings and silliness that seems to characterize this intro section appeals to your funny bones, in which case, welcome…. Can I get you something to drink?…. Some hors d’oeuvre? A plastic bunny? Some Milk Duds?….  We like to pamper our fans here at ECR….

See, that’s what I mean about these intros…. I’ll be going along fine, and my head will take a 112 degree hard turn to the right, or left, and leave me wondering what the hell to write next…. such as in the last paragraph…. Sheesh! As if I can afford snacks!…. I know, I know, they meant well, (whoever ‘they’ were….), but it doesn’t alter the fact that they’re promising stuff I can’t deliver…. which will tend to piss people off, and they’ll never come back…. Ah well, the entire process of creating intros seems to have become somewhat degraded, or at least become rather unwieldy, and probably is in need of some time in the shop for repairs…..

Since stuff of that nature is far outside the parameters of my current budget, I guess I’ll have to keep on keeping on, as they say, and try to make this work for a while longer….. I need new shoes, and socks, and a bunch of other stuff that will have to take priority over even a simple lube job on an intro section…. That is all if and when my SS money ever comes through….. Until then, these introductions, such as they are, will have to do…. In today’s case, it is definitely a matter of “making do”, or maybe I meant, “making do do…..” Shall we Pearl?…..

PRESIDENCY, n.  The greased pig in the field game of American politics. — Ambrose Bierce, “The Devil’s Dictionary”

You can’t see me, but I have this big smile on my face…. It has been there since I first read this, this morning, and has flashed on each time I see it…. I had forgotten just how funny, and how eerily accurate, as well as wonderfully sarcastic, the Devil’s Dictionary could be….. In any case, this is some funny stuff, and a perfect example of how the Dictionary’s author somehow obtained a direct line to the future of this country, in order to be able to so exactly describe how our modern system has evolved, and demonstrate how it has become, rather than high comedy, an example of low farce….

Of late, you’ve seen me put out a lot of words on the Beloved Ruling Class (BRC), and the priestly hierarchies, those two entities I hold responsible for the miserable conditions that most of our society is forced to endure, and whom I also hold responsible for the danger of species extinction that we face… It is their narcissistic insistence on having it all for themselves that has put our entire species at risk, along with a large number of other species, who will also be affected by the mess we’ve created in the environment.

I keep on shouting, even though it mostly feels as if I’m shouting into the wind, because, in all honesty, I don’t want to die, and I’d like my kids to have a chance to live their entire lives, too, and perhaps even have some hope of a future for their own children…. Currently, there isn’t much hope of that…..

Yes, ffolkes, there isn’t much time left to get this done…. Every second, more and more tons of particulate matter are being poured into the air, and the cumulative effects have actually, finally, reached the critical flash point that ecologists have predicted for years…. Soon, plants that provide oxygen to the air will begin to die, (actually, they are dying as I write this…. as I said, it is late in the game….) and the balance of oxygen and carbon monoxide in the air will start to rapidly change, at a geometrically parabolic rate, (to wit: faster and faster the longer it goes on….) until it is unbreathable for us, and for all the other mammals, sea creatures, and plant life-forms that are dependent on the levels of those substances as they are now…. This process isn’t unknown….. we have been warned about it, now, for going on 50 years, or more, since the effects were first noted….

But, nobody who cared to do anything about it was listening, and still today, there aren’t anywhere near enough of our BRC who are convinced of the risk, so virtually NOTHING has, or is being done, to resolve the issue…. Instead, it is subjected to massive denial on the part of almost every government in the world. They, and most people, have no idea that the bill for our idiocy is about to be presented, and we left our wallet in our other pants….. I think it’s obvious the Universe doesn’t take checks, or give credit…..

I wish I knew the proper sequence of words to use, the words that would inflame the masses, that would inspire the world to rise up, and throw off the yoke of oppression that the 1% has fitted us with, to finally give them their just desserts, and save our own asses in the process…. Alas, I don’t seem to have them in me…. not yet, anyway…. There are probably a few ffolkes out there who agree with me, and would help, if they also knew what to do, or say, to get things started…. But, mostly, I think I’m either shouting into the wind, or preaching to the choir….

In either case, it doesn’t seem to be helping much, other than keeping me from losing my sense of perspective, and actively going out hunting, to try to at least thin the ranks of the ones who are causing the problems…. That would make me feel better, for sure, but, I’m not ready to live the rest of my life on the run, so, I’ll save that option for when things are even worse than they are now….

I’ll also keep shouting, even if it’s into the wind, because I’m also not ready to give in to despair, and loss of hope. Call me stubborn, call me irresponsible (you’d be wrong in that, but, hey, it’s a free country…. mostly….), but don’t call me late for dinner. Also, don’t call me to help you further any of the agenda items that I see on the part of those in power, because I can guarantee that would put me over the edge, and you would be right there, in the explosive field of destruction when I went off…. If you want help to work against anything they’ve started, I’m there….  In the meantime, keep your powder dry, and your field of fire clear…. This final pearl explains why….

“If we don’t survive, we don’t do anything else.” — John Sinclair

And one more, just because there must always be hope, or life isn’t worth living…

“In a just cause the weak o’ercome the strong.” — Sophocles (496-406 BC) — Oedipus Coloneus, 880

A couple of months ago, the urge to write poems became too strong, and a bunch of them forced their way out of my head, up into the light of day…. Thirty-nine of them, to be precise…. In the intervening time since the last one leaked out, the urge has been quiet, making me afraid that I’ve lost my muse in that arena….. That is almost as frightening as having it take hold, to push me through the terrifying process of creating a poem, and letting it go public…. However, there are indications that there are some more verses percolating down there in my subconscious, so I’m trying to be patient, and wait for whatever it is to surface….

Which is why y’all have lately been treated to some of the best poetry I can find out there on the Net, among the clouds of information so bravely presented…. Here, then, is another classic, from one of my favorite poets, and yours (well, except for Shawna…. To each their own….  🙂   )…. I’ve used this before, as it is a subject on which I am expert, and speaks to me quite plainly…..

Pain has an element of blank;
It cannot recollect
When it began, or if there were
A day when it was not.

It has no future but itself,
Its infinite realms contain
Its past, enlightened to perceive
New periods of pain.

~~ Emily Dickinson

“You, who claim that you long to rise above the crude concerns of the body, above the drudgery of serving mere physical needs — who is enslaved by physical needs:  the Hindu who labors from sunrise to sunset at the shafts of a handplow for a bowl of rice, or the American who is driving a tractor?  Who is the conqueror of physical reality: the man who sleeps on a bed of nails or the man who sleeps on an inner-spring mattress?Which is the monument to the triumph of the human spirit over matter:  the germ-eaten hovels on the shorelines of the Ganges or the Atlantic skyline of New York?” — John Galt

As far as I know, John Galt is a fictional character, who is often used to illustrate some obscure point of justification for the attitudes of the elite, the 1%. This statement seems to be a pretty good example of that, though it is a bit unclear, but, that, I believe, is a deliberate device on the author’s part to make the reader think the speaker is more mindful than he appears….

Anais Nin, the author of the book, or books, I’m not sure which, with Galt as the protagonist, is also often held up as the apologist extraordinaire for the moneyed classes, for her unapologetic defense of the lack of compassion, and rejection of human equality, that so characterizes the BRC, and the 1% of humanity that controls 99% of the physical and financial resources…

Yes, them again… Sorry, but, their influence over our lives is ubiquitous, touching on every aspect of what we do, and what we don’t do; as a result, their name tends to show up in a great many places where I’m trying to throw some light on certain examples of their activities, which they would just as soon stayed in the dark….. 

So, anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, Galt and Nin, poster children for the hidden masters of society….. I began with the phrase, “As far as I know”…. That was deliberately vague, but accurate, in that I’ve never been able to read one of Nin’s books all the way through….

Oh, I’ve tried, and have read enough to get a pretty good idea of how the rest of it would go…. I’ve started “Atlas Shrugged” any number of times, with identical results each time, no matter how sternly I spoke with my inner judge to keep quiet until I was done…. It wasn’t the heavy, pretentious, wordy style of writing that made it so hard to finish, or even the presumption of validity, or the transparent misuse of logic, that made me give up on finishing the book(s) of hers I opened……. It was the nausea that built up over the course of the book’s events, directly related to the demonstration of the lack of human compassion, and narcissism, that infuses the main character’s behavior, and that of many of the books’ characters, which is so transparently a part of the author’s own beliefs.

In short, it literally made me sick to read this woman’s thoughts about how reality should be considered, according to her absolutely self-centered philosophy…. It is very nearly a clinical description of sociopathy, with its complete insistence on the validity, and priority, of one’s own rules of behavior over society’s standards…. If the character of John Galt ever came to life, and manifested in my vicinity, I might just give myself a day off from my vow to never kill anyone without first trying to at least talk them out of their asininity…. which is to say, the very idea of meeting someone like him(her) makes my blood boil….

Ah, me…. It can’t be good for my blood pressure to pump itself up so early in the day, so I’ll leave this little diatribe where it is…. I think by now, I’ve made it pretty clear how I feel about the 1%, whom I choose to call the BRC and the priestly hierarchies…. Besides, much more of this, and I take the risk of losing ffolkes out of repetitive boredom…. not a good recommendation for a writer, and certainly not something of which I wish to ever be accused.

Go ahead and read Anais Nin’s books…. If nothing else, they’ll give you a good idea of how the 1% tries, nay, succeeds, in combining the use of logic and lies to keep the public in a state of fear and confusion as to what is real; reading at least some of it will keep you abreast of what they believe, or claim to believe…. A sociopath chooses their beliefs like a shirt, and can change them just as easily, and as swiftly, in order to meet their own needs, and fulfill their own agenda, which has nothing to do with doing anything for you that would be helpful…. It’s all about them, and what they consider “rational”, or “practical”…..

“There is no conflict of interests among men, neither in business nor in trade nor in their most personal desires — if they omit the irrational from their view of the possible and destruction from their view of the practical …  A wish for the irrational is not to be achieved, whether the sacrificial victims are willing or not.  But men will not cease to desire the impossible and will not lose their longing to destroy — so long as self-destruction and self-sacrifice are preached to them as the practical means of achieving the happiness of the recipients.” — John Galt

See? I rest my case…..

“Concentrate on th’cute, li’l CARTOON GUYS! Remember the SERIAL NUMBERS!! Follow the WHIPPLE AVE EXIT!! Have a FREE PEPSI!!  Turn LEFT at th’HOLIDAY INN!!  JOIN the CREDIT WORLD!!  MAKE me an OFFER!!!” — Zippy the Pinhead

Well, that was certainly an outpouring, wasn’t it? Of what, precisely, there appears to be some confusion, which means my work here is done….. And with some style, too!…. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say… Mikey likes it. Or, he will, when he sees it…. Now that I’ve convinced even the most stubborn among y’all of my dedication to sheer insanity, I will leave you be….

If you are having some second thoughts, or even first ones, about the time you spend here, immersed in my particular brand of consensual reality, look at it this way…. You COULD have to live INSIDE my head, instead of just peeking in through these windows…. Be brave, I’ll be back, tomorrow, given a choice….  Y’all take care out there, and May the Metaphorse be with you…..

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.



9 thoughts on “Near the end of the Plasticene Era….

  1. A very nice outpouring 🙂 And your intro sure tickled my Wolfie funny bone! It won’t stop laughing ;)…All your fault lol…don’t worry too much about the world…it will probably be obliterated by the next meteorite strike anyway! 🙂

    • Wolfie…. I’m glad you enjoyed today’s effort; I had fun with it… 🙂

      As for the world, for my own part, I’m not overly concerned about meteor strikes,as they are in that category of stuff I can’t do anything about, anyway. Besides, I’d most likely win the lottery before that happened… In general, I wouldn’t fret about it at all, except I would like my grandson to have his own shot at a full, beautiful life, as mine has been, and I’m very much afraid that may not happen….

      I still hold out hope, but it grows smaller each day, as nothing continues to be done to make any of the changes needed to ensure our survival past the next hundred years….give or take a decade or so….. I’ve watched the human circus my whole life, and studied the evidence with the eye of a trained scientist, and it doesn’t look good at all, my friend…. Like I said, though, there’s hope, if you look hard enough to find it…. It is so slim it has to run around in the rain to get wet, but, it is there…. 😉

      Take care, & thanks for taking the time to comment….

      • Where there’s life there’s hope 🙂 I think ultimately the Earth will take care of itself in spite of humans parasitical natures which seek to devour anything and everything good the planet has to offer…if we don’t make the necessary changes…sooner or later nature will do the job for us and if that means the extinction of the human race…well…life goes on…with or without destructive human beings around 🙂 So give your fading hopes a nice big shot of adreneline and your grandson might yet get ” his own shot at a full, beautiful life,” as yours has been…and you never know…maybe even better! 🙂

        • While I’ll admit that John Carter’s belief about “where there is life, there is hope” is true, in essence, (for what is life, but the constant hope of staving off our eventual death?), I feel I should point out that he had the advantage of Earthly muscles on a planet with 1/3 Earth’s gravity to bolster his confidence…. that’s a huge advantage… 🙂

          You are right, the Earth will be fine, and we humans are the ones who will be gone…. and, if that happens, well, asi es la vida, y la muerte, tambien… I just would like to know that the hope I can feel is also a hope that my grandson will know…. I’ve had a good life all in all, and it doesn’t sit well with me to know that he may not have that opportunity….

          I don’t know how to explain, fully, the difference I feel, now that I do have a grandson… I’ve always been afraid for my son, (it’s part of the job description), and now it’s just worse, because I can’t do anything more than I’ve done in my life to save the planet for them, or, save the chance for them to live on it, and they may never have a chance, thanks to the assholes in the generations preceding all of us, and leading right up to today, whose chauvinistic, narcissistic attitudes toward the universe and everything in it make them feel entitled to rape and pillage it to their heart’s content….. Pisses me off no end, believe me…. Sadly, what more can I do, than I am already doing?….

          Ah well, enough depressive reality for one day…. let’s go find some nonsense, eh?…. 🙂 In this world, that isn’t very hard to do….

          • You can’t change the world on your own at least not on the kind of scale you would like…but even the smallest thing you do no matter how trivial you may choose to view it as, to encourage some kind of positive change for the better will have a much bigger impact than you will ever know…you may not see it in your lifetime but you can be sure you son and your grandson who mean so much to you will…you don’t have to know how, nor to be able to explain it scientifically – science is only as well understood as man’s knowledge and what do we know? Really?…yes there are terrible and awful things going on in the world and cruel twisted people existing in it. But there are also people like you. And ultimately it is people like you who will win through and each moment you exist you are unwittingly already forging an awesome future for your children and your grandchildren. You may not see it…they may not see it…yet…but it is happening even as you read this. And right now? Just being you, who you are and what you are, and being there for your son and grandson will be making their world a beautiful place that they will never forget 🙂 So you see? You are much more powerful than you think you are!! 🙂

          • You, my friend, have a very deeply positive nature, and I admire that a lot… As well, I appreciate the “cheerleading”, a term that I do not mean in a condescending sense at all, but use in gratitude…. You have helped to lighten my mood, if only because it is good to meet, and know, a man who has developed so much inner strength, and is willing to share it with others…. 🙂

            All of what you say are ideas that I have embraced in my life, though with some reservations and adjustments at times; reality demands a certain flexibility…. But, I do believe that our own actions have a ripple effect on the universe… I also share your hope for the future, for all the reasons you gave… As a scientist, my hope is, no, must be, colored by the simple facts, which indicate that the time to fix matters enough to ensure our survival is extremely short, if not already gone. The climate isn’t going to change, it already has, and the effects we will see in the future have no other choice but to proceed and grow in a parabolic curve, once the critical point is reached…..

            But, you are right to remind me that all is not lost, and I haven’t heard the fat lady sing…. yet…. I will follow your advice, and take heart, especially because of your own presence on the planet… Your compassion does you credit, as does your positive outlook on life… I guess, most simply put, I mean to say…. Thanks, I needed that… 😉 Maybe, together, we can make a difference in the end results….

  2. One question, Ned – Bloggerman – does he wear his underwear over his pants? I am assuming he wears pants.

    Second question – did I say “one” – well, I’ve had too much tea. Does he have a lady friend – Bloggerboss?

    Stirrings of a world class comic act, I reckon. Of course, the baddies will always be priests and politcians. What the heck, let’s throw in Galt and Nin as well.

    Like the guy said – you hook them and I’ll cook them.

    • Or, as the funeral parlor sign said, “You stab ’em, we slab ’em”…. it’s a deal…

      How did you know about the underpants? Did my webcam get turned on without me noticing?….. Shit!….

      No, there is no boss lady for Bloggerman…. thank goodness….

      And, as for Galt & Nin… You, as well as I, missed an important fact about that particular part of the post….See today’s (Tuesday, the 19th) post for my thoughts on that…. I am SUCH a Bozo…. Today, at least, the priests and politicians are safe from me…. I’m huddling indoors, out of embarrassment and shame (it’s also cold and rainy….but, hey, a man has to have some standards, right?….)

      🙂 See ya…

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