Several of the anchovies have objected….

Since I’m still hiding, here’s one from the archives to fill in the day…. Enjoy!


Damn it! I knew this would happen! If I had listened to my own advice, I would have put it away somewhere safe…. But, nooooo….. I had to carry it around in my pocket like a book of matches or something, and now, it’s gone. Poof! Disappeared from my front left pocket, sometime between the time I put the pants on in the morning, to when I wanted to use it later that afternoon. My Dad always told me, if you want it safe, put it in your pocket; he forgot about holes, obviously, because that’s what happened here. Or, that’s what I assume, anyway, as it certainly wouldn’t have jumped out of the pocket, and there happens to be a medium sized hole, right at the bottom. Well, the size wouldn’t matter anyway, since it can assume almost any shape, and adjust its size as needed…..

Okay, you…

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8 thoughts on “Several of the anchovies have objected….

    • Porque es necesario… por me sanidad, y un vida con pax possible. Besides, I get irritable when I don’t sleep…. Last month of hydrocodone, and I’m in full detox sx mode. TD every 4h like a damn clock, and very little space from the pain…

      It’ll pass, but, until then, I’m too volatile to be social very much, and this is social…


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