Who will pay the price for sanity?….

Ugh. 3 days no sleepum. Bad juju.



Times of great import are approaching, it is told. Events are to take place that will rock the foundations of our world, while I, an old man with sharp eyes, sit and watch the important people scurry about, involved in their important jobs, communicating their important ideas….. Only us old men see the truth, though…. Nothing is important, it is all an illusion, and nothing will ever change…. So it has been, for centuries, and so it will remain, as long as men wish to feel important…..

I don’t think it will come even close to winning the Bulwer-Lytton Award, but it’s pretty bad, nonetheless, don’t you agree? Sadly, when I wrote it, I wasn’t trying for bad, but was in fact, until the very end, shooting for a grim sort of eloquence. But, after one read-through, that goal went by the wayside….. Not everything can be worth writing…

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4 thoughts on “Who will pay the price for sanity?….

    • Both articles, and everyone who discusses the issue, forgets there are many people for whom the drugs work well, without abuse…. What about them? Do they (i.e., me…) just do without the one drug that works best? There is no other drug that works as well for some kinds of pain; do the people who suffer from that just go without treatment?

      Nobody’s talking about that…

      Yes, it’s a problematic issue, but, the solution isn’t to overreact, and declare another fucking war on what ends up being a war against people, not the drug.
      It becomes an issue of quality of life balanced against the risks of the addiction. For those who would rather live without having to deal with the pain constantly, it provides a lot of help to keep them active and involved, rather than always focused on pain.

      Not all drugs are necessarily bad; it’s the same issue as with guns; they aren’t dangerous in the hands of people with any brain power to spare from walking & talking at once….



      • Have you read the book ‘Evolve your Brain’ by Joe Dispenza?
        It lead me away from Pills…and yes I know that there are , many people who need them as their physical condition is dire. I simply do not agree that you are one of them……their is a close relationship between brain chemistry, neurophysiology and biology and their roles in physical health…there are doing a great deal of research in this area…..’The Tell -Tale Brain by one of the worlds leading neuroscientists V.S.Ramachandran .
        Read it if you want…you are a scientific man are you not?
        Never say die! grin

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