Zipping in fields of pizazz….

I’ve still got nothin’…. but, I’ve got the archives…


Or not, as you wish….


Odd dreams, indeed, that persist into the day. Odder still when they ask for coffee. But there he was, a huge, red-skinned demon, complete with horns and a tail, big as life and twice as ugly, sitting in my only chair, and demanding coffee. I’m pretty sure, even without checking, that I’ve never had one of the nasty creatures that inhabit some of my less cheerful dreams sit in my living room, and the new experience wasn’t bringing me the thrill of discovery and wonder that one might expect. In fact, it was just pissing me off….

“What the hell makes you think I’m giving you coffee!” I said, calmly…. well, it would have been calmly, but for the volume set at “scream”…. My visitor merely smiled, looking at me as if I were a tardy student, and shook his head. “Because I asked for it?” he rumbled out…

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6 thoughts on “Zipping in fields of pizazz….

    • 😀

      They do come in handy…. I tend to write so damn much, I may as well get some use out of all of it when I don’t feel up to the task of putting one out that is up to my standards (low as they are, I do have them, little as they may show…)…

      And, more good thoughts going out to your sis….


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