We Are Anonymous: “Cannabis cures Cancer” (5:25)

How open is your mind, ffolkes? Can you hear the truth,and, moreover, recognize it as such? I can personally attest to everything said in this video… if you doubt me, just ask… But, first, listen, and pass it on…


6 thoughts on “We Are Anonymous: “Cannabis cures Cancer” (5:25)

    • Not that I know of; nor will I, now I am using the preventive cure as well. My brother has cancer of the lymph glands, and after about six months of consuming the oils, all of the swollen glands have gone down, and he is pain free. He has an appt. with a regular medical doctor to be checked to see if it is gone completely yet. I expect if it isn’t, it soon will be. What I’ve been taking is fixing my bowel, though; it works better now than anytime in the last twenty some years….

      It’s all the truth, you see….

      Okay, continue breathing, then go on to rest in peace…



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