No title today…..


I slept. How I got there is immaterial in the face to how many hours it lasted, which was…. enough. For a change. Actually, that’s for a big change.

In any case, no post on ECR today. I’ll be back tomorrow, having had some actual rest, and recuperation….

There you go…. No music, no pix, no rant, no poem.

Just the truth, as always.

See ya tomorrow.


Sometimes I sits and thinks,

and sometimes,

I just sits.

Today, I sits.

gigoid, the dubious

8 thoughts on “No title today…..

    • I went to the ER and bullied a doctor. He had a choice; do as I ask, or not. Before he answered, I also gave him the optional responses I had chosen for each of his potential responses. After I had done so, he chose the right option, as he really did want to go home at end of shift.

      Simple as that….

      And, completely honest…



        • Two pills, which is exactly what I asked for, NOT an opioid, as that would start the process over…. Just needed to sleep, so I made him give me the same as the intelligent doctor I found two week ago at the ER… I’ve slept 2 nights now, 12 hours this second night (just got up moments ago…), so, my decision (along with the implied threat to the second, ignorant asshole doctor) is validated. Also, it gave my body enough time to really do some adjusting, so now the symptoms are not as intense…. I can SEE the light at the end….It’s you, and you’re holding a very bright pearl, shining in the sun….

          gigoid, still a bit in dreamland…

          ps…. I think both Oscar (Wilde) and GB Shaw would have been proud of how I handled the ER. I was in a magnificent curmudgeonly rage mode, ice cold, and dangerous. The doctor really had little choice but to do as I told him to do…. And I didn’t curse or swear even once! Just got quieter and colder until they trembled and gave in….

          Great fun!

    • Thank you, my lady; your compassion does me honor. I am doing so, and will be entirely well sooner than it will seem, having asserted my own will over the medical community, and now have naught to do with them. Natural foods, herbs, and medicines have worked for us humans for millennia, so I am now using only natural methods. I take no pills, and need nothing from them at all…

      It’s grand craic!

      gigoid, the dubious

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