28 years after the first intifada

The situation in Palestine exemplifies the true state of affairs in the entire world, as the author notes…

Her voice NEEDS to be heard, outside the small circle of those who now hear it… If you believe in compassion, and justice, please reblog, or share this on your social media venues… Thanks, from me, in hopes Nadia’s thoughts will find an audience that will hear….

gigoid, the dubious

نادية حرحش

28 years after the first intifada…

Each year for the last three decades, and in this date, the commemoration of the first intifada brought to the Palestinian mind and heart, the pulse of the Palestinian own existence.

When the first intifada erupted three decades ago, after the murder of Palestinian workers from Gaza. A new concept in defining our lives as Palestinians within our own identities was shaped. In many ways it was a wake up call. That life under discrimination and apartheid cannot be a life.

Back then; the concept of occupation was more visible. It was they and we. The people and the occupation.

Today, as we are living another intifada, and discrimination is the outline that characterizes the scene again. The confrontation is different. Israel war against the Palestinians is made much easier with the creation of the PA that was crowned as a result of the…

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3 thoughts on “28 years after the first intifada

    • She is an amazing woman; raising her children, living as normally as possible, and still manages to read and think and write about what she sees, and feels, and knows…

      I’ve never seen more courage…. only in others who also live in such areas of the world, which are being consumed by the fires consuming us all….


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