Patently, it won’t fly straight….


Oddly enough, my memory failed me; fortunately, I saved myself with technology… My calelndar reminded me today is the day I get to visit with my grandson, and have our family seasonal get-together with both my own progeny, my son and daughter… might even get a few minutes with my newest granddaughter, who is now 10 months old!


So, here is a blog from 2012, without any ranting at all….

Happy holidays, and a joyous winter/summer to all….


gigoid, the dubious


Oh, gosh….. it’s happening again. Of course, if I had the vaguest idea of what it was, I could probably figure out how to keep it from happening. Since I don’t even have a vague clue, it will have to run its course….. and who knows the consequences better than I? Well, maybe someone who actually knew what they were talking about might know better, but I haven’t found anyone like that, either. I suppose Murphy thinks he’s cool or something, for having foisted it upon me once more, but he is still the world’s biggest asshole, and you can tell him I said so…. After all these years of suffering at his hands, he don’t scare me none…. I can take it…..

Now, if you are confused by the above paragraph, then my work here is done….. No, really, there’s no point to it, or in it, or…

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11 thoughts on “Patently, it won’t fly straight….

    • It was, definitely…. had a great time… Granddaughter still absent, but, in time, she’ll want to know her family.. I can wait, though with sadness…

      Lots of contact today w/Zack, and two wonderful humans who happen to be my son and daughter….

      I am tired, and content… and, now, will soothe Leelu’s ruffled feathers….

      See you in the morning, my friend…

      Glad you enjoyed this blast from the past…


  1. One thing that happens from time to time is that we get rite of passage
    For all that we’ve had to bare
    So if this is your passage
    And you get to taste it’s fruits
    Please by all means enjoy
    For how ever long it lasts
    As always Sheldon

    • Thanks, my friend… I did… a lot. Even got a video, & a lot of good pix, which I can’t share online, (too much security risk…), but, now have to augment my memories….



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