Incidents of random iridescence….


“We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities.”

~~ Walt Kelly, “Pogo” ~~

graceful death

A Graceful Death

Hajime…. Not sure why, but, woke up today in a crusty mood; it must be the shoes. Who knows, &, moreover, who cares? I don’t, not today. In fact, it may not be possible to describe just how little a fuck I give today, so I won’t try. I’ll merely refer you to the previous sentence for an example, & be done with it. In point of fact, I’m in such a place right now to be done with this intro; being retired, I can damn well do what I please, so, I say, without caring at all about repeating myself, fuck it. I declare this intro section complete….

So be it….

Shall we Pearl?….

“We hope that, when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics.” — Bill Vaughan



    No intro needed, ffolkes. Y’all have been in this section before, when it reset to default…. Enjoy, if you please….


Classical Music





le penseur-rodin

 Le Penseur ~~ August Rodin

I’m taking a break from ranting; the piece posted recently, on the Plague of Evil, used up quite a bit of the angst I’d collected for a while…. Here, then, is an excellent discussion of Reality and Life, from 2013…. It’s a lot shorter than y’all are used to, believe me….

From 3/26/2013:

“Commonly, physicians, like beer, are best when they are old, and lawyers, like bread, when they are young and new.” — Fuller

“As to Jesus of Nazareth…. I think the system of Morals and his Religion, as he left them to us, the best the World ever saw or is likely to see; but I apprehend it has received various corrupting Changes, and I have, with most of the present Dissenters in England, some doubts as to his divinity.” — Benjamin Franklin

Well, as you can see, Smart Bee is being a bit recalcitrant, an event which, though usually not a good thing, did give me the opportunity to use the word “recalcitrant”; that doesn’t often happen…. Any who, I’m having a bit of trouble finding a pearl, or a group of pearls, that would be suitable for either a rant, or an old-school quest; the two above are the best I can find, in over an hour of searching. Though not too bad, they aren’t quite right for either process, and not strong enough to stand alone, in my opinion. So, I’ll cheat again, with another blast from the past…. this one will be a random choice, the first one I come across that will fit physically into this space, so I have no idea what it will be like….

From 4/10/12:

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

~~ Proverb ~~

This sort of pearl is much, much deeper than it appears at first glance. (Note: It seems common to find the most complex and deep issues most often described or related in very short sentences. Hmm…. probably something to do with K.I.S.S., in which the universe believes, strongly….) Applied as a metaphor for human interactions with reality, it assumes an even greater degree of relevance, as it implies both choice and hope. Both are always present, but not always in view; such aphorisms as this can help one to find where they are standing, hidden in plain sight….

It is eminently clear to most people, by now, reality does not adjust to our desires; any adjustments made must be on our part, as we have absolutely no power to change any aspect of reality other than our response to it. A hard lesson, one many never learn, or come to terms with; such a failure almost guarantees they will find life to be one long struggle, as their days are spent futilely trying to make what is, into what they wish it to be. To use the analogy provided, they never learn to trim the sails of their vessel, thus, find themselves constantly fighting with, and cursing, the wind, never realizing their own lack of understanding is what sends them scuttling off in confusion, into uncharted waters, or, into the metaphorical rocks.

Thus, from simplicity does great wisdom arise; to reach one’s desired destination in life, one must learn to trim and adjust the sails of our vessel, to make the best use of the wind the universe sends in our direction. Or, more plainly, we can only make changes to ourselves, not reality. Learning this one simple lesson can turn a life out of balance completely around, giving it the direction and stability it has ever sought, allowing the most troubled soul to sail into the light, and out of the darkness that engulfs those who argue with reality….



Pensive early and late…

Endings aren’t always a new beginning
I’m sad to say.
Sometimes it’s just an ending
there’s always a price to pay.

Still, it’s only money, he said
watching it piss away
Did everything ‘cept meet Fred
‘n had a good time the whole way.

Even the bad stuff turned out well,
life lessons are just that way.
Knowing what’s right, you can’t always tell,
we don’t always know the right things to say.

I’ll take all the hard times, without complaint,
learning isn’t always easy to take.
Kindness, patience, and compassion without restraint,
are still the best decisions we can make.

~~ gigoid ~~




Naked Pearls

Know Thy Self


“Be what you is,
’cause if you is what you ain’t,
then you ain’t what you is.”

~~ Satchel Paige ~~


“Know the enemy and know yourself;
in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.
When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself,
your chances of winning or losing are equal.
If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself,
you are certain in every battle to be in peril.

~~ Sun Tzu (fl. c. B.C. 500) ~~


“What’s earth with all its art, verse, music, worth
compared with love, found, gained and kept?”

~~ Robert Browning ~~


“Life is more important than art;
that’s what makes art important.

 — James Baldwin


“A lie never lives to be old.”

 — Sophocles — Acrisius, Frag. 59


No teacher I of boys or smaller fry,
No teacher I of teachers, no, not I.
Mine was the distant aim, the longer reach,
To teach men how to teach men how to teach.

 — A B Ramsay


Drop the question what tomorrow may bring,
and count as profit every day that fate allows you.

 — Horace


“Do I look like someone who cares about what God thinks?”

 — Zippy the Pinhead


“The Journey is the Reward,
Not the Destination.”

~~ Zen Koan ~~


That’s it, ffolkes. That’s all I got today. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the issue making me so grumpy, & will deal with it as best I may through the day. Hopefully, by tomorrow, it will, at least, not give me such a deep case of the grumps…. See y’all tomorrow, ffolkes, with a bit of luck & perseverance…

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch


À bientôt, mon cherí….


18 thoughts on “Incidents of random iridescence….

  1. SMiLes gigoid..

    Relative Reality i Learn..

    And i Love Google.. as for all the
    690 Blog Posts in total i have made..
    including before i come to Word Press..
    back when i start with Blogger in in March
    of 2013..
    Google is a great way to insure that creative
    titles generated from within.. are originally new..
    in Relative Reality of course too.. as truly there is
    even in science a determination of genetic memory
    as real.. and truly science knows not how deep that
    goes.. but yes.. there is plenty of places in so-called
    Junk DNA for Nature AKA GOD to put it as nows go
    on for now and now nowmoreeverforevermorenow..
    and that is one of my favorite 25 letter words to
    be now just now in now.. and sadly.. speaking
    of modern Christianity THAT IS about as far
    away from the words of the original
    reported gnostic Jesus than can
    be in recitation of John
    3:16 in THAT is
    the end story
    of what
    does to
    go somewhere
    great when one hits
    the dirt nap.. and i can
    only imagine that if Jesus
    is alive today.. at least in
    metaphors like this
    he will be
    rolling his
    eyes in infinity
    now.. of yes there
    is a sucker born every
    day.. and a snake oil
    salesman directing
    that way..
    as of
    course if one
    is gonna make
    a person accept
    a tough job that
    really sucks they
    are gonna promise
    them at least a reasonable
    reward at the end of the work
    day.. and for the early Roman
    underlings of that empire that
    day was a life of poor and
    suffering.. while even
    in the New
    Testament in
    Luke 17:21 words
    say the Kingdom
    of God/Heaven is
    here now
    so below
    and all around
    just now.. and then
    Jesus goes on to say
    that in heaven there will
    be no marriages
    and we all be
    like friends
    as Love..
    yes there
    is some paraphrasing
    going on here.. but yes
    in every gospel there
    is some paraphrasing
    going on there too..
    so why not keep
    the paraphrasing
    going as the
    essence of
    the syntax
    and semantics
    is what counts
    so we continue
    to paraphrase
    to get that
    to all
    the views
    that see a different
    color of the Rainbow
    of Reality now.. in yes..
    a relative way of different
    in each Unique Human
    Universe that is reality
    now.. yes.. as Kinsey
    studies clearly show
    some humans
    are monogamous
    and some are not..
    more than likely Jesus
    in real life.. made his rounds
    in the house of the friendly women
    spreading peace as it made a living
    but yes.. more than likely better
    ways to do it.. but there
    was no E-search
    for jobs
    Each human one
    flavor of an iridescent
    reality that colors multi-Universe
    perceptors as human beings and
    all other sentient beings that filter
    reality through tHeir different lenses
    some brighter and other duller filaments
    of bulbs.. growing even brighter as learning
    how to sail the ocean of their Universe smooth
    comes to fruition greater and greater with a sweeter
    fruit of life.. we live in a world where the philosophers
    as the sages of the ages.. are on the furthest back burner
    now.. where the female butt truly is the sage of the new age..
    easily seen in pop-culture now.. where ‘the Kardashian’ rules
    from the rear instead of head.. and should that be surprising..
    no..not really.. as humans become more like machines
    as cogs of a machine.. and the sign of fertility is a sure
    way back.. to real human being at core
    of what we are as surviving animals
    and one sees this in modern
    music as well.. as it is
    becoming more and
    more like a rather
    simple driving
    beat around
    drums of
    the midnight
    fire in eyes of
    naked so-called
    savages dancing wildLY
    around the fire raising tHeir
    mindful awareness higher and
    higher until they feel the oneness
    non-separable form from the rest of
    Nature.. escaping any illusion
    of human memories of
    past and future
    and are
    for all
    practical intents
    and purposes free
    eYes of God once more..
    and here is where i see
    perhaps the real Jesus
    and one or more of his
    ‘friends’ in an ‘orgy’
    with so-called
    free as
    can be..
    truly not
    likely that
    Jesus was a
    leaning man
    if he suggested
    there will be no marriage in
    heaven.. nor was Muhammad
    of course.. as his idea of heaven
    per his revelation of God in human
    Nature.. was a place where women
    never aged and erectile dysfunction
    never came.. as an oxymoron if
    you will.. with wInks..
    i’ve always been
    through my
    life but
    and afraid their
    wives will leave for
    stronger men.. sure that
    is nature.. more than culture
    as far as i see.. Jesus.. obviously
    super confident for a man and
    Muhammad too.. neither
    seeing the need for
    just one
    and we all know
    about the 7 year
    itch anyway..
    the only
    truly last is if
    there are best
    friends who fill
    the deficits in opposites
    attracts of what the other
    is not as good at doing..
    my wife doesn’t dance..
    or write poetry.. and
    she does everything
    else.. all i do is
    dance.. write
    poetry.. and
    sing.. so
    a pair
    that keeps on working
    one on one and enough
    as that.. at this point
    you may be asking
    hmm.. oh my God
    is he gonna
    53K words
    and truly i could
    but you see my friend
    to describe the relative
    reality i continue to learn
    is an infinite reality with
    no top or bottom.. end
    or beginning it truly
    is a room with
    no ceiling
    and if there
    is a real bible
    for God it will
    be a never
    as the real
    relative that is
    GOD as never
    ending story
    but for
    i’ll stick
    with “SonG
    oF mY SoUL”
    for the title
    of my
    3 million
    or so word
    bible.. wheRe
    it is all just
    and yes
    it keeps
    on going
    with no end
    on-site until
    my words no
    longer come..
    and the truth
    is we are all the
    word(s) of God
    as flesh
    head to
    toe and more
    and more than
    words.. so much
    more than words..
    Seriously.. if Jesus really
    came back the only place
    he would be comfortable to
    spread all his good news
    would be the house of
    an Atheist.. who
    never judges
    the other..
    but again.. as long
    as we are human.. humans
    will will reflect different relative
    realities with different eYes of
    God.. so there will be
    infinite Jesus’
    and Pilate’s
    and original
    Jews.. just
    different semantics..
    syntax.. and other cultural
    clothing.. as the iridescent
    human continues to color
    the eYes of GOD whole
    as the beautiful
    of diversity
    i know and
    feel for now..
    all the answers
    are relative as reality
    is now through all the
    colors of human being
    that paint
    now.. dark
    and Light
    pair or one
    is an Earth
    a Sun.. a Galaxy
    a Universe a Fractal
    of ALLTHATIS as GOD..
    And all i know and feel now
    for me.. my friend.. tHis.. now
    the best of time now for any creature
    anywhere in any place in the Universe
    who is free now.. in this little corner
    of Paradise
    for me..
    and yes
    by now..
    you likely
    know now
    the theme
    song for this verse
    of the bible of me..
    And my verses are
    never numbered
    total numbers
    of words will
    do for numbers
    of me.. my friend..
    And your bible here is
    one of my favorites yet..
    as my interest is colored
    by number of words that do come
    when i enter into the house of
    inspiration of
    the bible
    of another
    blog my friend..
    or sure just another
    SonG oF mY soUL..
    but others titled
    cooler than
    mine.. if not
    as long.. hehe..
    i am a traveling
    blog and bible
    kinda like the
    Book of Eli
    and Denzel
    with shades
    and martial arts
    to protect his book..
    except mine comes
    from collective unconsciousness
    aka Cosmic Consciousness.. et al..
    and never from pages.. alone my friend..
    but you know and feel when i first walked
    in Walmart and saw the cover of that
    movie.. seriously and i do
    mean literally in the
    way God speaks
    to me..
    long before
    i was a martial
    artist or saw
    the movie..
    God told
    me that
    be me
    in some
    like way.. so in a way
    empirically in all the school
    logic i have been taught from
    the beginning.. fiction is not
    nearly as strange
    as reality
    as truly
    it doesn’t
    have to make
    sense.. but perhaps
    the strangest thing of
    all is.. it makes perfect
    sense to me now.. but
    i’m not sure i will ever
    give justice to that
    larger reality
    of God
    in words
    my friend..
    it will like take
    a real life Spock
    to mind meld with
    me to see that too..
    and perhaps
    that person
    as well..
    as the half-breed
    Vulcan i truly am
    in the episode
    of StarTrek never written
    until now.. wInks.. again..
    Humans are truly magic
    when they learn
    how to use
    magic that
    is reality now..
    to Master it is
    a job of Infinity
    And oh by the
    way.. if you ever
    see the Movie
    ‘Lucy’.. enjoy
    the view..
    ye a way”..
    “so let it be
    written.. so let
    it be dOne”..
    as elders of
    a gentle race
    come together
    to tale the story
    of a pilot who leaves
    no trace.. yellow streams
    of Kashmir liGht.. of India
    and Pakistan.. under the
    Summer Moon.. will
    from Led Zeppelin
    on the last one.. my friend..
    what most people don’t understand
    is every creature in the entire worlds tales
    the story of GOD.. and we are ALL prophets/
    MESSENGERS of Nature as God WiLL
    tale the story OF NOW
    to exclude any
    is not to have the MUCH
    i was born without
    the filter to exclude.. my friend..
    like Lady Gaga.. one of my favorite
    prophets of the same old New
    age says.. in
    this Way’..
    yeah.. that’s
    the same song
    for this verse.. i’ll
    use now.. with ‘Kashmir’
    coming in second.. and
    the “Best of Times”
    by Styx
    in third..
    wait! a little
    voice with
    no name in
    my head says
    change course and use Kashmir
    and i say.. Okay Boss..
    my Pilot
    no name..
    that leaves
    no trace but
    ‘tHis’.. my friend..
    the only thing special
    about me.. friend.. is.. i listen
    to everyone with equal LOVE..
    and perhaps that is the greaTest
    Human Super Power of ALL.. and
    yes.. i for one.. am 100% sure it is..
    but the coolest thing of all is God
    came and visited me in 2010
    under a shed..
    in the form
    of a Yellow
    Cat.. i learned
    the most from
    him.. but first
    he saved
    my best
    friend.. yes..
    my heArt.. now
    as WHOLEnONE..
    in other words it
    will not
    kinda like
    a tSUNaMi..
    after a meteor
    makes the gulf
    and human being..
    spreading like a
    nice human(s) virus online..;)

    • Though it takes me a while, reading your comments is always fun, not to mention a dance/poem/song to enjoy… It’s much like going to one of your Raves on this end….

      It’s also clear you read the entire post…. not many get through it all every day.

      I’m a little under the weather today; it’s cold, & the healing process of internal organs is sometimes painful (I’m using cannabis oils to treat diverticulosis…)… I get grumpy because it keeps me from doing things I want to do,, such as think… Leelu helps, of course, by making sure she gets her play/training time in ample supply… after which she wants her cuddle time…

      You guys stay warm & safe in the weather/floods in your area…. Or, get wet & go swimming, if it suits you…. Either way, be well & happy, mes amis…

      *smiles* 4 K & FRiEnD….



    • 😆


      What’s funny is, when I wrote that, I was currently shoe-less… It’s an old quote, from the Nike commercial, and other places….

      Thanks fer the song(s) (ended up listening to several); Townes is an old friend. Me & Tommy Tumbleweed have been playin’ his stuff together for 45 years or more…His Ballad of Pancho and Lefty is my favorite song to play and sing….

      I think, though, I’ll put on my travelin’ shoes… but, I’ll wear ’em on a boat. I think it will be easier to get Leelu to Ireland on a boat, than on a plane…. Slower, but, not as LOUD….


      Glad you enjoyed today’s mess….

      Cya l8r….


  2. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:


    Sadly, I still cannot sit for more than a couple moments, making computer work next door to impossible. I managed, this morning, to last long enough to find a Pearl to re=blog, one posted first in late 2015. I have much to do in the BBR again, but, will make an effort to get the newest fresh Pearl done as soon as I can sit for more than two minutes without pain or bloodshed (don’t ask…).

    Angst is building within; I can feel it. NOT being able to write is, trust me, just as bad as HAVING to do so…. and, feeling both is worse than either alone…. SIGH… We humans sure do know how to fuck with ourselves, don’t we?….

    I’ll be back, ffolkes. Who knows? It could even be soon…. Y’all be well; & happy. It’s better than the alternative, trust me….

    gigoid, the dubious


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