Suppression of Expression..coming soon home


I only re-blog when what I have read moves me strongly. This is such a post, from Nadia Harash, who happens to live in what can only be called a place of great personal danger to anyone who speaks freely…. Please read, and spread her message as far and wide as you can….

This is a powerful statement of a free human, who happens to be a woman of immense spirit. Excellently expressed, with perfect reasoning, with, not just passion, but, compassion….


نادية حرحش

There is an ultimate state of Freedom in Writing.

It is a real gift that liberates ones mind, soul and hence, being.

I have been feeling like this lately …

I always say that I am a woman who tried to be free. To taste freedom in anything that surrounds me living in state that doesn’t have any freedom. Being under occupation is no luxury when it comes to such feelings.

You are always surrounded with that ceiling that is not the sky. Like walking and living in an open jail. Like animals within a wired safari.

I just closed a novel under the name Guantanamo for the Egyptian novelist Youssef Zeedan, and I couldn’t but think, of the state of being indulged in the inner mess of yourself when you live in the worse situation that can possibly be. Jailed in the unknown hollows of Guantanamo. Surviving or not…

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