It’s fowl weather outside….


“Get thee down. Be thou funky.”

~~ Cool Bee ~~

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In the light of day….

Hajime…. Between sleeping badly, from a bit of overdo, and computer issues in the morning, I’m incredibly late getting this started, much less done. Therefore, we’re going with another abbreviated intro section; so abbreviated I hated to use the word “abbreviated”, as it has too many letters to type for efficiency. Oh, well…. Here’s how that works….

Shall we Pearl?….

“Perfect valor is to do unwitnessed what we should be capable of doing before all the world.” — Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld



The Band

Image from via Google Images

Today’s musical selection is from one of the most respected bands to ever play rock & roll. Together since the late 60’s, famous for their versions of ‘The Weight’ and “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”, as well as for their songwriting/musicianship. This concert is also introduced by the one and only Bill Graham… Enjoy!….


The Band





Sandclock .jpg

    I’m late; if you’ve been here before, you’ll know that means an archived piece here. I’m going to be nice today, for a change, Instead of a rant or discussion from the archives, here is an old-school, rather light-hearted pearl from a couple years ago, on another day I ran late…. That will do nicely, and, it will be a nice break from our normal (!!!) routine….. Enjoy!…

From 2/24/2014:

All things considered, it’s been an interesting morning here at ECR…. I was up a bit late, but, the morning’s routine went smoothly, so I began to write in an unusually comfortable, clear-headed state, an event that, arguably, made the intro as coherent and organized as it is, for a change. The rant above not only went well, it went epic, and quite agreeably, from my standpoint, so, we’re good there, too. I’ve repeated myself with the poem, but, that’s merely a factor of how good it is….

That, of course, brings us to section three, and the obligatory, and, in this case, most welcome, old-school pearl…. We’re shooting today for a seven-star necklace of gems that will make me spew coffee through my nose, from laughing so hard and unexpectedly…. Let’s see what SB can come up with to accommodate us….

“It is most difficult to acquire wisdom without first having survived a whole mine field filled with folly.” — Smart Bee

“I think, therefore, I am.” — Rene Descartes
“I think I think. Therefore, I think I am.” — Smart Bee
“I think I am. That’s close enough.” — gigoid the dubious

“If you are wearing one brown and one black shoe, you have a pair like it somewhere in the closet.” — The Rule of Elderly Survival

“It happens sometimes.  People just explode.  Natural causes.” — Smart Bee

“Eternity’s a terrible thought.  I mean, where’s it all going to end?” — Tom Stoppard, _Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead_

“On one occasion Aristotle was asked how much educated men were superior to those uneducated: “As much,” said he, “as the living are to the dead.” — Diogenes Laertius (c. 200 AD) — Aristotle, xi

“There are worlds out there where the sky is burning and the sea’s asleep and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, somewhere else the tea’s getting cold. Come on Ace, we’ve got work to do…” — The Doctor, Survival [Last lines of last episode]

It seems Smart Bee had a different agenda than mine…. S’fine…. I like this one better, since I didn’t have to suffer the nasal spew…. I’ll leave you with that image, reluctantly….



Dreaming, I wait….

In the most patient moments of rationality
kindness flows smoothly in a special milieu,
fallow thoughts speed first from equality
to give no anxious fever, anger to eschew.

Indignant mothers and step-sons in-law
shall fade simply from brilliant to grey,
intoning ritual dogma, fresh, avid, and raw,
falling, falling, in massive pastoral disarray.

Safety lives not, save brightly in ignorant bliss,
it follows us all, silent and infinitely frail,
foremost too often, soft as a virgin kiss,
alive, always eager, willing, and pale.

Intimate knowledge finds only the bold few
with courage and virtue to gift, unbidden.
No solemn royal version may pass in review,
true love for man, never to remain unhidden.

Sweet feathers of Emily’s hope uplift,
calm, drowsy episodes bursting with light,
With final glad cries we set ourselves adrift,
swimming in the oceans of natural delight.

When sorrow is banished, in ages yet to come,
roots solidly anchored, cold and remote,
Ample supplies of kindness sit silent and dumb,
and the old stranger shrugs on his faded coat.

Dreaming, then, I wait with shadows in the night
aspiring to inspire, a message from the muse’s heart
Never forgotten images, framed in color bright,
tempt me only, grieving, steeped in serenity’s arcane art…..

~~ gigoid ~~




Naked Pearls

Birth to Death & the Stuff in Between

“The wailing of the newborn infant is mingled with the dirge for the dead.” — Lucretius

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” — Margaret Fuller

“In real life, unlike in Shakespeare, the sweetness of the rose depends upon the name it bears. Things are not only what they are. They are, in very important respects, what they seem to be.” — Hubert H. Humphrey

“Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.” — Epictetus

“Integrity is when what you say, what you do, what you think, and who you ARE all come from the same place.” — Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

“If there is a sin against life, it consists perhaps not so much in despairing of life as in hoping for another life and in eluding the implacable grandeur of this life.” — Albert Camus

“As long as there have been humans we have searched for our place in the cosmos. Where are we?  Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe.  We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers.” — Carl Sagan

“Death the last sleep? No, it is the final awakening.” — Sir Walter Scott

“No goodbyes. Just good memories. Hailing frequencies closed, sir.” — Yar, “Skin of Evil”, stardate 41601.3


‘Tis done, & that’s the most I’ll say of it. It’s also the least, since we’re on efficiency mode. I’ll see y’all tomorrow, ffolkes, hopefully with a bit more panache…. shouldn’t be hard, after such a fiasco as this….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch


À bientôt, mon cherí….


26 thoughts on “It’s fowl weather outside….

  1. Speaking of Aristotle.. oh.. the
    Dragonfly and Roach..
    smarTer than
    any human
    ever.. simply
    ’cause they still
    live here longer than
    any we can ever imagine
    to do.. REAL.. and their meek
    ever preSent.. relatively
    speaKinG.. Instincts..
    Skills.. and Abilities
    will likely
    the human
    species.. far far
    into the future.. after
    whatever is.. replaces
    our existence on this
    terrestrial plane..
    as simply
    us for then
    now.. i remember
    my sister-in-law coming
    in our home.. looking at our
    cat relaxing on the table saying
    wow.. if only life was like that..
    THAT is the smArTest..
    unwitting Wisdom
    i’ve ever
    it is True
    It IS liGht..
    LESS.. THAT..
    So Socrates had
    it correct from the
    beginning when he
    said he kNew noThing..
    Aristotle fell in to words
    of writing.. where Socrates
    the Truth
    and Light and
    additionally understood
    that reality is much more
    of course he paid
    the price for that..
    but we don’t have
    to.. and sure.. ultimately
    now.. that makes all of us
    as we live..
    or the
    FeeLinG iS aLive..
    KnowLedge without
    feelinG iS trUly dead

    • *grin* Can’t help myself; sorry in advance for this…

      My favorite quote from Socrates:

      “I drank what?”


      Aristotle was simply too much of a polymath to keep from getting into language & books; human thought itself became his overriding passion for study. Socrates managed, while he lived, to maintain a stronger conncection, perhaps, to the natural world….

      Somebody I can’t think of just now also said knowledge that doesn’t take feeling into account is useless, and, more, dangerous….We see the effect of that all around….

      See ya, bro, on the run today, keeping up….



      • Amen.. on the Negative
        affect and effect
        of lesser feelings
        around us..
        but ha!
        i continue
        to put out..
        with FeelLinGs..
        a choice at
        me now
        away from the
        non-feeling of
        GoverNmenT Work..:)

  2. “I think, therefore, I am.” — Rene Descartes
    “I think I think. Therefore, I think I am.” — Smart Bee
    “I think I am. That’s close enough.” — gigoid the dubious
    Not close enough gigoid…
    The German philosopher,Frans von Baader,said that Descartes was entirely wrong in saying ‘Cognito ergo sum’ What he ought to have said was ‘Cognitor ergo sum’…
    He was right.

    • My Latin isn’t my best language, but, I believe that says, “To think is to be” which may be more accurate, syntax-wise, it doesn’t have the same flavor…. And, as for the others, my own is the result of many years testing and tabulation of results; it’s spot on, as far as the average joe goes…..


      Works for me!…..


      • Not ‘I think’ but ‘I am thought,therefore I am’ In so far as I am a conscious ego,I think therefore I am. But in so far I am a creative
        unconscious, and in so far as my conscious ego requires the collaboration of the creative unconscious, I am thought and therefore I am, on a more important scale than I would have been if I were merely a conscious ego doing my own private thinking-my own private thinking being strictly limited.

        • What have I created?…. A trifle convoluted, but, I believe I see your point… As a realist, and, a fairly adept philosopher, I find it relatively inarguable, as far as it goes, which is, I think, perhaps, too far along the path of esoterica in thinking….

          I see our consciousness as a function of both conscious mind, in a linear sense, and of imagination, a function which crosses over between perception and conscious thought, thus making it multi-dimensional… which is about as clear as mud, but, fairly close to what I think…. More briefly, “Here I am, thinking; that’s close enough for me…”

          Perhaps the Zen koan will get closer… “Seeking the Buddha nature is like riding an ox to find an ox.” — Bohdidharma


          I exist with thought, not as a separate consciousness from it…. My nature is split enough as it is; I’d rather not see it as even more tenuous than I had imagined…

          gigoid, the dubious…

          • frightened?
            perhaps it is easier for some than others and you are indeed a realist….a creative person is often closer to God.
            I leave you with this poem:

            O sweet spontaneous
            earth how often have
            the doting
            fingers of
            prurient philosophers pinched

            has the naughty thumb
            of science prodded thy

            beauty . how
            often have religions taken
            thee upon their scraggy knees
            squeezing and

            buffeting thee that though mightest conceive

            to the incomparable
            couch of death thy

            thou answerest
            them only with


          • Ah…. if you’d used the poem first, we could have avoided much of the rest…. It makes your point clearest…. and, I think, in essence, we are looking at the same conclusion from different POV’s, because I agree in toto with what the poem says….



          • I was quoting Aldous Huxley…who I like and who I am used to…being a boring old fart…made sense to me.

  3. Reblogged this on gigoid and commented:


    It seems, at this point, I may have completely eradicated most of my followers. I posted a fresh Pearl two days ago, & it has seen very little traffic. Not to say many ffolkes still come by, anyway; I think, maybe, thirty to fifty people may still drop in, though I am listed as having over 700 followers on WP. I guess many people come by, hit follow, & expect others to follow them in return. Ah well, no matter; I never much cared, or worked at having a large following, since I was mostly writing for my own purposes, to stay sane during times of stress & worry during my adjustment to being retired. Now, there are about three to five people around the world who have stuck around through all my incarnations; not surprising (to me) most of them live in other countries… My most faithful followers, as evidence has shown, live in England, Cananda, Japan, India, with only a couple who show up regularly from this country… Go figure, eh? Ah well, as I said, I write for me, mostly, so, it doesn’t matter. But, I kind of miss the interaction of the comments, which can only come if I am here to read them, and, most of the time of late, I am not here online, or even in the house….and I can’t work up any guilt about it, as I am, as is everyone else, doing the best I can….

    To let y’all know I AM alive, here’s a pretty good old Pearl, from 2015, which got some good comments, if not a lot of traffic. I am working on another fresh Pearl, which I hereby commit to posting tomorrow morning. Until then, y’all be well & happy as you may be…. I’m doing the same….

    gigoid, the dubious


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