In the wake of a fashion faux pas….

Smart Bee has been somewhat reluctant to cooperate, and, I’m up late again…. Hence, as you see, a cheat, in the form of a re-blog from the early days here at ECR, before I had figured out much about how to make it look the way it is now. It also shows how pedantic I can be…. C’est la vie, as we say downtown…. Enjoy, ffolkes; this will give me some time to get ahead a bit…. it said so right on the page in the Tardis manual where I looked it up….


Very odd, very odd indeed…. endings first, cut and pasting before 0700, relating personal dreams…. what am I thinking? On the whole, though, it promises to be, if nothing else, an interesting day, and I mean that in a good sense, at least hopefully….. I’m kind of dealing with some unknown factors here, so I’m not entirely certain of what I am up to….. or whether or not it will fit seamlessly into my morning routine….. well, seamless isn’t essential, just appreciated when it happens….

If I were at all sure about what I was speaking, I’d most likely get on with it, but, since I’m not, I’m dithering, if you couldn’t tell already. I guess I don’t deal well with this much uncertainty about my writing. Though it IS an energetically unregulated process, for the most part, I do like to have a clear idea of what I’m…

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