May we cauterize now, milady?

Sleep remains an elusive goal, so, I’m late again, without a prepared Pearl…. Thank goodness for archives, eh?…. I’ll be back tomorrow with fresh stuff….



No time for fooling around this morning. Up a bit late, thanks to an extra hour of sleep my body insisted on taking (thanks for small favors!….), and stuff to do. I’m starting the day exhausted, with a sore right forearm and wrist. This is because of the unnatural activity I forced the arm into yesterday, when I went through over 300 emails that had exploded in my inbox, like some kind of replicating virus. I almost wore out my delete button, and read about 150 blogs (very, very quickly, I might add), at least 30% of which demanded a comment. It was a monumental task, and I’m glad it’s done; so is my mouse, I believe…..

That said, I will now proceed to head out into the hinterlands, to dive for pearls, which, for expediency’s sake I hope are not going to hide or be difficult to harvest…

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7 thoughts on “May we cauterize now, milady?

  1. Sleep is overrated, right? LOL WC Fields once said…”the best cure for insomnia is lots of sleep”….kinda sounds like something Yogi would have said….LOL

    Rest up…I need a comment…LOL have a great day or at least a restful one, my friend….chuq

    • Yeah, I’m getting kinda used to not getting much…. That does sound like a Yogism…

      I left one already, working my way through….

      You have a good one, too, amigo…


    • 😆

      It IS a nasty…. to cauterize a wound is to use heat, or fire, to stop massive bleeding…. Like in the old Viking movies, when they’d shove a burning branch against a bleeding stump to ‘cauterize’ the wound…. Massive shock to the system, but, instant stop to the bleeding, and instant formation of a scab….

      Nasty, but, effective….

      The technique is still used, but, with a bit more technology and precision… e.g., sometimes a soldering iron will be used to quickly cauterize a nose bleed that won’t stop…. Hurts like hell, but, works like a charm…


      Nursing isn’t for the squeamish, is it?….


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