Look, it’s twitching!….


I got nothin’. Moreover, I don’t feel like finding anything. Here’s a pretty damn good Pearl from a bit over 3 years ago, with a copy of Peruaosophy, my own philosophy, which it is, no doubt, time to post again… Enjoy, ffolkes, I’ll be back tomorrow….

gigoid, the dubious


Assorted visions of inept tennis professionals dance dimly before me, laughingly serving cold cuts and hors d’ouevre to a group of banking officials dressed in mufti. Even when the music swells into a cacophonous roar, those faithful and patient rhododendron drivers continue to ply their vegetated wares to the lingering crowd of Elvis impersonators in the parlor. Fortunately for all, though every single eyelid was twitching in time, the audio synchronization was off by a full three seconds, thus preventing any further emotional outbreaks. Such is the way with all pastoral passions, in this land of enchanting cardboard homeless shelters…..

There, take that! I dare you to make any sense of it….. This paragraph has been especially designed and built to resist all attempts to do so, and we need to have someone try, to see how it does under actual reading conditions. If it tests out okay, I’m…

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5 thoughts on “Look, it’s twitching!….

    • Between cat and curmudgeon training, I seldom have time to work ahead very far…. Ah well, it makes me use my head to decide things in the morning, so, I guess there is some benefit in there, somewhere….

      Sleeping more than 3 hours in a row might help, too…

      You have a great day, amigo….


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