Feedback ISN’T good for electronic circuits…..

Bad night, worse morning; don’t bother asking, as I’m trying to put it in the past, where it needs to stay…. Here is a good one from a couple years ago…. I hope y’all enjoy it… I will be back tomorrow, even if I have to get downright unreasonable….



Do you ever wake up feeling as if you’re stuck in a Disney movie? Neither do I…. Just thought I’d ask. Actually, more often, I feel as if I’m stuck in what might be called a senior film noir, wherein all the old, feeble, average looking characters spend their time moaning and groaning about getting old….a pastime which, of late,  seems to happen here a lot…..

I suppose that’s due to my own comeuppance in the aging contest, a test we all fail, ultimately; I’m harvesting an extensive crop of physical issues that are the direct result of mistaken policies regarding exercise that we were taught all of our lives…. You know the spiel, we all heard it, from JFK on…. “Exercise a lot, stay fit and healthy, you’ll feel better and live longer if you do…” Followed, of course, by that all-purpose, deliberately misleading lie, “you can trust…

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6 thoughts on “Feedback ISN’T good for electronic circuits…..

    • Thanks, amigo; I’m working at it. Woke up after about 3 hrs sleep, to find an empty, quite grumpy brain… gotta fill it up w/coffee before I try to think much…

      Gotta figure out this sleep gig; it’s getting to be a pain…


        • Sadly, all easier said than done, milady….Coffee hasn’t kept me awake since age 14; it’s a left over sx of the withdrawal, which the literature says can last up to a year, before the body’s chemical balance is fully restored….

          Fresh air I get; greens are problematic, d/t lack of teeth & blender, both of which are in the works…

          SIGH… The sleep, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to come until exhaustion is reached… then, the pain becomes moot, and I drop…

          Maybe I need a hypnotist…. my self-hypnosis isn’t working very well…

          Or, a more pleasant way to reach exhaustion might work…. Ah, well, I’ll have to settle for fantasy….


          It will pass in time; I have to believe that, or I’ll get grumpy…



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