“Mea culpa” he said, in a dismal voice, “Mea culpa maxima….”

Still on the down side, looking up, though not at the bottom…. Here is a pretty good Pearl from a few years ago…. I’ll be back, though when is, at the moment, still a question…. Y’all stay alert; we need all the lerts we can get…




I’d like to begin this morning with an apology, of sorts. In the last few weeks, even before going to Alaska, my time spent reading the blogs I like to read and follow has been severely limited, a fact that has probably been quite obvious by the lack of comments made. Usually, when I can spend the time to read, I will also comment, since, as is patently obvious from reading this blog, I can seldom shut myself up….. Of late, though, I’ve been having a hard time sitting at the computer for long periods, due to my back pain, with its new companion, hip ache, and have ended up sacrificing my time spent reading as a result…..

This doesn’t mean I don’t read, as I am as addicted to reading as I am to breathing; it just means I’m not doing it at the computer as much. As…

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4 thoughts on ““Mea culpa” he said, in a dismal voice, “Mea culpa maxima….”

  1. Like I say….on days when I feel spunky I write a lot and save them as drafts…so the days that I feel like crap I have something to fall back on…..hope all is well and you return soon…chuq

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