They MIGHT have picked the plastic flowers…


On this day when much of humanity celebrates a delusion, I’m hiding. I’m also taking the day off, so, this is what you get. I’ll try to do better in the future, but, don’t count on it… Hey, I’m human….




We people are a funny lot, aren’t we? Funny, strange, that is, not funny, ha ha…. Okay, perhaps “odd” is a more accurate assessment, for the purposes of labeling, a practice which, now that I think of it, is not particularly productive when applied to humans, since we, as a species, tend to make the application of labels of little use….. This is mostly due to our inner nature, which reflects the principle of Peruaosophy’s axiom #2, to wit: “The nature of the Universe is Change. Unpredictable, innovative transformation of Reality is the Norm. If you have a hard time with this, you are in for a rough ride in Life. ”

My ride through Life has lived up to this principle, a factor which, arguably, contributed to its formation, as well as providing living proof of its veracity, and relevance….. It’s not that I have a hard time…

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3 thoughts on “They MIGHT have picked the plastic flowers…

    • Thanks, milady… I believe I will take it in the ancient sense, as a welcoming rite of Spring, celebrating the awakening from winter’s slumbers, rather than the modern religious sense, as I have a lot of problems with modern Easter, and its proponents… You, I have no trouble with, and can believe you mean it only in the best way… So, thank you, and the same to you…

      Blessed Be, the traditional Druid seasonal greeting….


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