Abject traces of bellicose faces….


“As men, we are all equal in the presence of death.”

~~ Publius Syrus (42 BC) — Maxim 1 ~~

pub cork

Different day, different pub ~~ Cork, Ireland

Note the perfect Guinness waiting at the tap….

Hajime…. Hmm… Where to begin? No doubt, the beginning would be best, so, let’s start there. Good morrow, I think. I can’t be entirely positive, but, saying so often sets the tone, so, we’ll go with that. I’d ask how y’all are doin’, but, that would be silly, since you’re not really here yet. A distinct possibility exists you will never be here, but, if I thought too hard about that, it would probably make me crazier than I already am; I don’t think that would be wise today, as the drive to crazy would be very short, indeed.

Ah, well, such is life as a retired dilettante, I suppose. I can’t really complain, as I have a roof, warmth, ample food, and a magic cat; many people don’t have any of that, even at my age…. and, isn’t THAT a proper indictment of our society? I’d say so, but, if I did, that would be ranting in the intro again, and I promised myself I wouldn’t do that any more. It would probably be a good idea for me to avoid ranting altogether today, I think; anything that came out would be suspect, for sure and for certain. In fact, I suspect we ought to leave this right here, and use this little button again, to get us down the page to the next section. Hold on, it can be a little bumpy with this one….

Shall we Pearl?….

“If one sticks too rigidly to one’s principles,
one would hardly see anybody.”

~~ Agatha Christie~~



    Today’s video selection is a two hour compilation of classical music, combined with a screensaver slide-show of fine art photographs. I have yet to watch or listen, but, it sounds lovely, and the picture it displayed was certainly fine art…. Enjoy!….


Classical Music





Sandclock .jpg

    It may not seem like it, but, it’s been a tough morning. The current rant isn’t done yet, either, so, here is a lighter piece, an old-school pearl with comments, to take the place of anything fresh, or reasonably coherent…. Enjoy, ffolkes; this may be the best I’ve got today…. Too bad I wrote it almost four years ago….

From 9/12/2012:

This is an old school pearl for your reading pleasure, or nearest approximation of same…. a bit different, with some internal comments from yours truly (in parentheses for your convenience….), to give directional hints that may or may not lead you to the point being developed…. but, funny, at least, as much as I can make them….

“… But when he [the people’s champion] has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.” — Plato (428-348? B.C.), “The Republic”

(When I read this, or sentiments like it, I always get a picture in my head of the two Bushes…. GW and GHW, otherwise known as the Senior Shrub and the Junior Shrub, or vice versa…. The national mourning that took place yesterday is the best example of their work in this arena….)

“My first American ancestor, gentlemen, was an Indian-an early Indian.  Your ancestors skinned him alive, and I am an orphan.  All those Salem witches were ancestors of mine.  Your people made it tropical for them…. The first slave brought into New England out of Africa was an ancestor of mine-for I am a mixed breed, an infinitely shaded and exquisite Mongrel.” — Mark Twain (1835-1910)

(Me too! I loved this when I first saw it, back in High School, a VERY LONG time ago… so long ago, it was hot off the press…… The best part is, every one of those folks who believe themselves to be blue-blooded Americans are exactly the same make-up… There are very few real pure-bloods left anywhere in the world, and certainly not in a country with the diverse population we have….. we’re all, technically speaking, close to being “mutts”, every one of us…..)

“Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.” — Galbraith’s Law

(I am reminded of those folks who are busy trying to convince everyone that they aren’t against Obama because he’s black, and then turn around and support R&R, who have all but guaranteed to return racism and bigotry to government….. Hell, just look at one of their primary talking point slogans, the key part of which is, and I quote, “…we’ll take America back….” Take it back? From whom? From other Americans? Does this mean the current government aren’t real Americans? That sounds suspiciously of both racism, AND treason, to me…..)

“The clinching proof of my reasoning is that I will cut anyone who argues further into dog meat.” — Sir Geoffery de Tourneville (ca. 1350)

(Ah, the good old days…. sometimes, I wish we would see someone in the House, or the Senate, say this at the end of a speech, just to see if anyone is paying attention…)

“Somewhere in suburban Honolulu, an unemployed bellhop is whipping up a batch of illegal psilocybin chop suey!!” — Zippy the Pinhead

(Okay, I admit it… this one isn’t part of the message inherent in the other quotes…. I just like it….. Though, now that I think about it, the fact that it is entirely possible this is true, does say something about the subject at hand, to wit: society and government thereof…. What it says could be paraphrased as “If God is in charge here, I am angry; if He is not, I am frightened….” — Smart Bee)

No one ever made laws keeping people from making fools of themselves. — Smart Bee

(This is a wonderful end point for this discussion, or at least, it is such an ending for the discussion going on in my head….. I think this is very, very true, sadly…. Moreover, I believe that the laws we do pass actually are the proof of the pudding, in terms of people making fools of themselves…. especially when we try to legislate morality…..)

That’s enough mental torture for one day….. I hope the conclusion these quotes led to is clear…. if not, well, that’s okay, because I never hold quizzes…. and hopefully, you got a chuckle or two from reading it…. and if not, well, console yourself with the fact that it is done…..



Off the proverbial cuff….

I never meant to kill that period of time,
it didn’t give me any choice.
It tried to hem me in without reason, or rhyme,
refused me any vote, or any voice.

You have to admit, I buried it deep and fast,
just as if I cared.
I knew, though, it would never last,
or ever be fully repaired.

No news, no pictures can bring it back,
once is all we get.
No pleas of public good, or even public lack;
in stone the past is set.

Futuristic visions now occupy my dreams,
I’m ready to go on.
Look! It fills up the screen, and it gleams!
Where’s the moment I’m sitting on?

Now, I remembered, at long, long last,
is all we really can hold.
Every moment goes by so bloody fast,
we’d best fill them all with beauty, warm and bold.

~~ gigoid ~~




Naked Pearls

Random Notes On Being Human


“Chaos of thought and passion, all confused;
Still by himself abused or disabused;
Created half to rise, and half to fall;
Great lord of all things, yet a prey to all;
Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurled,–
The glory, jest, and riddle of the world.”

~~ Alexander Pope — Essay on Man, Epistle ii, Line 13 ~~


“Catch the wind, see it spin, sail away, live the day way up high in the sky.”

~~ Jimmy Page and Robert Plant ~~


“It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider
that the limit of our power of perception
is also the limit of all there is to perceive.”

~~  C. W. Leadbeater ~~


“Time will explain it all. He is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks.”

~~ Euripides ~~


“All the magick of creation exists within a single, tiny seed.”

~~ Magi ~~


“A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a Unicorn.”

~~ Ancient Human proverb ~~


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
To keep our faces toward change
and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate
is strength undefeatable.”

~~ Helen Keller ~~


“Once you can accept the universe
as being something expanding
into an infinite nothing which is something,
wearing stripes with plaid is easy.”

~~ Albert Einstein ~~


Whatever far-off world exists,
dearer to man than life itself,
 darkness keeps it in her arms,
and shrouds it in a cloud.

 No one has found a way beyond,
What lies beneath is unrevealed,
 Adrift upon a glittering stream,
We sigh for some still nameless thing.”

~~ Euripides, “Hippolytus” ~~


I am fairly certain it’s done; I went over it all, and there is enough in each section to make the grade, even if it isn’t an A, or even a B, today. So be it. The mere fact it is done is a testament to the process of creating Pearls, which has evolved to the point of near independence. Sure it has. On that delusional note, I think it would be best if I just say, see y’all tomorrow, ffolkes, when you’ll see yet another attempt to get this right. Don’t hold your breath, though; it could be late…. See ya….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
   and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch


À bientôt, mon cherí….


18 thoughts on “Abject traces of bellicose faces….

  1. Hahaha…
    “A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a Unicorn.”
    Ancient Human proverb
    where did u dig that up from?

    • *grin*

      Cool, isn’t it? Smart Bee had it… I Googled it to see if it had any attribution, and that led me to what I put as the source, for it seems to have been around forever….

      Makes perfect sense to me!….



    • Cool… I always enjoy hearing someone has learned something new… Sometimes, even today, I like to sit down with a good dictionary, open it at random, & start reading… You never know what you’ll find, if it’s a good, big one…. I discovered dictionaries when I was five or so, & used to read our World Book Encyclopedia for fun, too… Perfect for a child’s curiosity…. and a child’s curiosity is something none of us should ever lose….


      • I agree, always be learning and discovering 😀 I found a good one a while back ( I had to look this up again), Nychthemeron : means a period of 24 consecutive hours but not necessarily a calendar day. No idea how to pronounce the thing haha.

  2. (:..Gift
    now never
    never ending
    beginning never
    now gift
    of all that is
    is that all of
    gift now
    now is
    deep is now
    deeper shallows
    shallows deeper.
    deeper shallows
    shallows deeper
    now is deep
    is now
    now gift
    of all that is
    is that all of
    Gift now
    never beginning
    never ending
    ending never
    never now

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