Nightmares on blog street….

As noted might happen yesterday, I don’t have a Pearl ready. I must pick up Leelu this morning, so, I’m taking another day for myself. I will return tomorrow, with as fresh a Pearl as possible. Y’all have a good one, while Leelu and I get re-acquainted….

See ya…

gigoid, the dubious


    Far in the distance, the deep sounds and fury of artillery fire filled the air, while nearby the screams and moans of the wounded provided horrific counterpoint to the symphony of terror being played by the metal flying overhead. As she watched, a building down the street exploded, as a shell burst through the roof. She thought to herself, “That was Mary’s house… I wonder, was she in it?” Without any real thought of why, she stood and started to walk toward what now remained of the house of her friend, a vague idea of helping in her mind, which seemed to waver in and out of focus as she walked…..

    Well, that is depressing as all get out, isn’t it? I thought a touch of intro into a war novel might be a good way to warm up, but, upon due consideration, I don’t think I’ll…

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