Negotiating terns with aplomb….


Having survived my trip, I return, to find myself constrained by age-related BS to re-blog today’s post. I shall return on the morrow, fresh as I can make it, given the materials at hand…. I hope you enjoy this one, from a bit over four years ago, when the Pearls looked a bit different than today…. Abondanza!


Round and round and round it goes…. and what we find here we’ll never know. Thankfully, too…. It goes to show that one can never tell just exactly what the universe might be up to when we aren’t paying attention, because it sure is always a surprise to me.  And that is just the way I like it, for the most part.

Oh, there is that part of me that enjoys, and even craves, routine and known limits. Life is much safer, and less dangerous when well organized and maintained on a schedule. But, it can also get boring, which is not allowed in this version of reality. I decided long ago that to admit boredom is to admit being tired of my own head, and what is going on in there, and I will not permit that to take place. Not going to happen on my watch, nope…

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10 thoughts on “Negotiating terns with aplomb….

  1. We wondered where you were…..
    Thought you might have got seduced into staying!
    Welcome back comrade…

        • I did meet a few, though not the folks I went to see married. And, there were plenty of twanging guitars; you can’t get away from ’em, as even the muzak goes country….

          *wink* I fit right in; that’s a suit of camouflage I’ve worn a lot in my time….

          Had a great time, but, now I’m paying for it…. tired down to the bone….

          See ya ’round the net, milady….


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