The plaza began to fill with orphan collectors….


It seems the recovery process takes longer the older one gets; who knew? I collapsed, essentially, for most of yesterday, & didn’t get much done for this morning’s post. Hence, another dip into the archives. I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully back on schedule, and track. For today, here’s a pretty deep & wide Pearl from a few years ago, pre-Social Security. I hope you enjoy it….

gigoid, the fatigued….


Typically….. Whoa! Wait a minute, here…. Well, hell……That word, “typically”, should NOT be where it is, and is, for a fact, one of those words that is programmed to trip my alarms, as it is on the list to never be used on this blog, when used in reference to myself….. Typical, normal, average, any word that resembles these has no application to my personality, or my life, for that matter, so I try not to use them at all when I’m talking about me. Of course, I also try not to use words of overt praise very often, as it might tend to swell my head, and my hat wouldn’t fit….. can’t have that…..

What most disturbs me about seeing the word there at the outset, is imagining what I might have had in mind for it to say. Whatever it was, it’s gone now; no trace anywhere…

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