No glue, Ignatius, but, lots of duct tape…

I overslept by a lot. I’m grumpy. The cat ate my homework. Here’s a re-blog, from a couple years ago, to sublimate for today. I’ll be back tomorrow, when I’ve crawled out of the abyss….

gigoid, the dubious



“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal

with the intent of throwing it at someone else;

you are the one who gets burned.”

~~ Buddha ~~

August 1 2014 051

“All anger arises from obstructed desire.” — Bhagavad Gita

If, in the interests of full and complete examination, these two ideas may be considered to both be true, we find ourselves, in at least one very real sense, in possession of a key ingredient of real happiness, and true inner peace, or peace of mind, however one wishes to describe it. I find it interesting to note that, even though both of these ideas come from different religious doctrines, at different times in history,  while from basically the same relative part of the world…. Yet, history itself, given the violent nature of most of it, seems to indicate that practically no one pays any attention to either of them, at…

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12 thoughts on “No glue, Ignatius, but, lots of duct tape…

  1. sure. blame the cat when it was more likely the dog eating the homework. cats don’t eat paper – they go to the bathroom on it.

    • I have a magicat, who eats paper, leather, or almost anything chewable. Sadly, no dog just now; my last partner died at age 18 about three years ago, & haven’t found the right pup yet. The cat chose me, to her eternal regret, I’m sure…

      I’m human; gotta find someone to blame….


      Thanks for stopping by….


    • I’d be happy to share, if I could figure out how to send it….At this point, I’m not certain just why I’m sleeping, except the Phoenix Tears seem to be making the pain less ubiquitous at night… Been a long time since I slept so well as lately. Two weeks almost in the bag now….

      I’ll try to get by later….

      See ya….


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