Use all the available pitchblende….


“To be alive is to take risks; to be always safe and secure is death.”

~~ Edward Abbey ~~

summer flowers

Summer Flowers

Hajime…. It has become increasingly clear to me how important this process is to my entire being. For the past week, the only part of my day which seems to have any constructive purpose is the time I spend putting this together, along with a small period following the posting of it, during which I try to surf to my favorite blogs, & catch up on comments. Once I’ve done some of that, I have tumbled, without warning, into the abyss of depression, whereupon I start pursuing activities which distract me from that, by sending me to other places in my mind; reading, going for a walk to do chores in town, or sleeping seem to work the best. For the rest, I weep, or recover from such depths of emotional storms.

That is why I have not been getting to the comments, or reading all the blogs & articles I’d like to be able to see. It’s a pisser, to be sure, for the contact with others provided by such surfing has become valuable, and valued highly. At present, I haven’t a clue as to when this might pass; in the past it has been known to last more than a little while. I always seem to find my way back to at least close to my center, but, it can be a trying time until I find the proper path, or stance to assume. One would think, given the strength and breadth of mind I claim to possess, it wouldn’t be such an issue; such qualities don’t seem to be any more defense against it than the chemicals doctors tend to rely on for it. But, it does keep my overall chemical balance in better shape, that’s for sure, and that is a good thing.

All that is really required is patience, and time, and finding that part inside where all we know of life resides. It’s there; we just lose sight of it at times, and need to find our way back to that point. I’m almost there, I think, but, only time can tell, and it’s not ready to do so. Or, I’m not; that’s more likely, and as soon as I can figure out why, I’ll be fine. In fact, I AM fine; I’m just not enough aware of it. I will be, so I’ll just hang on until then….

Now I’ve bored y’all with three full paragraphs of expository revelations of a personal nature, I suppose we should get on with the rest of this mess. So be it. We’ll use a Tardis Toy to get us gone without any further delay; I know just the right one, too. This one is fast, and slick; so fast, you’ll have to watch close, or you’ll miss it altogether…..

Shall we Pearl?….

“The true value of a human being is determined
by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from self.”

~~ Albert Einstein ~~


beatles alexpresscom

I just felt like some oldies, so, here are perhaps the best example of oldies that can be found…. live. Let’s listen to the lads, like we did for so long, so long ago…..


The Beatles Live





Sandclock .jpg

I’m still rantless, mostly. Here’s one from a couple or three years ago; I checked it out, & it’s all still completely valid…. Go figure….

From 2/7/2013:

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” — Dr. Joyce Brothers

I find this to be a fascinating statement, from a person many of today’s youth won’t recognize as a celebrity. Dr. Joyce, as we called her when I was young, was a celebrity from back in the 1950’s and 60’s, who became famous at first as a prodigy child contestant on a quiz show, The $64,000 Question; she later found celebrity as a radio and TV talk show hostess, answering questions by callers about relationships, love, and life in general. She had a calm, friendly, confident manner that was easy for people to accept, and her brilliant mind gave her answers a certain depth and cachet that otherwise would have been lost, had she been less intelligent, or less charismatic…..

What I find to be interesting here is her reliance on the subconscious mind for accurate data resolution and interpretation, and her confidence in proposing that people explore that connection. I was around at the time, and the world was NOT in a place, philosophically speaking, where the reliance on subconscious activities was considered to be a mainstream belief. In fact, it almost put her in the category of mystics and clairvoyants, as far as established society was concerned….. To many, she might have well just said that we should all become witches….

I suppose what helped in the long run toward acceptance of this kind of thinking was her documented genius, that gave what she said a certain validity. In addition, she was at her most popular right at the time when society itself was going through some severe upheaval, during the late 50’s and early to late 60’s, so her ideas found more acceptance among the young, then spread to the rest of the culture as the Cultural Revolution went on, and society became more open to such free-wheeling philosophies.

Another effect of that time, that many people lose sight of, is the polarization that occurred in society, as the two intrinsically opposite philosophies, of liberalism and conservatism (as they are understood today….), became the two camps of ideology that would engage in a struggle for control of the government, and society, for the next 60 years, right up to today….. It’s a struggle between two ways of looking at life, and neither one is aware of being under the control of a third party, one that remains in the shadows, unseen and unheard, expect at their own command…..

Okay, here is where those of you who don’t buy into the conspiracy theory of life can skip on to the next section… to your own peril, but, hey, to each his own, right?….. I’m not particularly paranoid about such things as conspiracy; most of the time I think the things the ffolkes who believe in them see, that support their ideas, are seeing examples of human stupidity, rather than conspiracy. But, I am also a scientist, FIRST, and there is just too much evidence that supports the idea that there is a small percentage of humanity that controls the majority of resources (ie, food, land, money, armaments…), and as a consequence, have far more influence and control over the rest of us than is either just, or ethical.

This small group of mega-rich fanatical egotists believe that, because they can, they have the right to hoard all of those resources for themselves, and have the right to determine who should have any access to them. They believe this because they are allowed to do so, having grabbed all the controls (to wit: the guns and money….) long ago, and have arranged matters so that the great bulk of society is not only under their control, but is unaware of being in that position….

To tie this all together for y’all, let me say this…. I have a hunch that this is true. I don’t always have evidence that I can point to that is obviously definitive in the direction of proof of that assertion, but, if what Dr. Joyce tells us is true, my subconscious mind is aware of the facts, and can show me where to find them, if needed. That hunch tells me that, YES, there are a small group of assholes who are in control of society, for their own benefit, and they don’t give a fuck about the rest of humanity…. and there is evidence to support this hunch, even if it isn’t right out in the open where everyone can see it easily.

As yet, I don’t have any viable suggestions about how to go about kicking these punks to the curb; all I know is that we need to do so, and soon, before they kill all of us with their own brand of stupidity…. This isn’t to say they are altogether stupid, or that it is their primary defining characteristic…. but, they are human, and as such are subject to Murphy and his natural law…. So, I suppose it is a matter of watching for the right moment to catch them just at that instant when their own humanity will bring them down….. and hoping that moment comes soon…..

“Do you like “TENDER VITTLES”??” — Zippy the Pinhead



Piraeus calls me, silently.

Sizzle, sizzle, crash, bang, boom.
Intellect burning with subsequent doom.
Lingering long over decisive style,
Whistling up chaos all the while.

Such frozen thoughts may shatter,
Should we infer, but, no matter.
Firing blanks is children at play
Blooded sages all gasp in dismay.

Nonsense is good sense at times
Mundane objectives trip lightly in rhymes.
Fallen angels dance on a pin
Until each sinner enters within.

Fast moments with natural rain
Bring ashes, yet still must remain.
Final thoughts clamor for more
Find them only on a far distant shore.

~~ gigoid ~~




Smart Bee is on strike, apparently; I spent much of yesterday searching without success for enough pearls to fill this section. Nothing doing. Since it’s getting late, here is one from the past to fill in for today….. Enjoy!….

From 2/14/2013:

As is the case in many instances, when faced with a literary conundrum in the morning, I’m resorting to default, and firing up an old school pearl for your perusal and edification (if that can ever be said to be true of pearls….)…. The following seven pearls were, of course, chosen at random, and without conscious volition, but with an eventual destination in mind…. Today, we are fortunate to note that the destination is also random, as is the conclusion to which you will be led, willy-nilly…. That conclusion is, naturally, left as an exercise for the Gentle Reader…..

“I am not young enough to know everything.” — Oscar Wilde

“Democracy is based on the assumption that a million men are wiser than one man. How’s that again? I missed something.” — Robert A. Heinlein

“A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.” — Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

If a cat spoke, it would say things like “Hey, I don’t see a problem here.” — Smart Bee

“Some people think only intellect counts: knowing how to solve problems, knowing how to get by, knowing how to identify an advantage and seize it. But the functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion and empathy.” — Dean Koontz

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” — Abraham Lincoln

“Do your Duty. Honor the Truth. Respect Life. Share your Love.” ~~ Axiom #7, Peruaosophy

I know, I’m a strange puppy…. If it helps, I mean well…. 🙂


I did it. I’m not certain exactly how, or even why; nonetheless, it’s done. So be it. I’ll be back again, ffolkes, to see if I can’t actually pull it together enough to do this right. Until then, y’all be strange, or cool, whichever works for you. See y’all tomorrow, given half a chance….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch

Featured Image -- 8705

À bientôt, mon cherí….


26 thoughts on “Use all the available pitchblende….

  1. If a cat spoke, it would say things like “Hey, I don’t see a problem here.” — Smart Bee
    “The Shadow Personifies Everything That The Subject Refuses To Acknowledge About Himself” Jung
    Just to clarify oh, the dubious one………if I see anymore vitriol over these elections…I will turn into a cat!
    Cats Meow via @YouTube

    Hahahaa 😉

    • ps….I nicked this and put it in the appropriate place!
      “To be alive is to take risks; to be always safe and secure is death.”
      ~~ Edward Abbey ~~
      Thanx mate…

  2. Perhaps,gigoid,the dubious …you might ‘enlighten’ me as to where this ‘person’ is located on your infamous Bell Curve..
    Brendan O’Neill discusses the EU referendum vote and democracy on Talk R… via @YouTube

  3. As Alan Watts says..
    Society IS A Hoax and
    sure iT iS but tHere IS A reaSon
    to for the insanity that one never
    arrives until they die..
    and it’s just humans
    who are not evolved
    to live in large groups
    out of balance we are
    and lots of people
    pay the real
    PAY master
    Nature who is
    alWays the Big
    BosS GOD nOW..
    in terms of misery
    and suffering real..
    Yes.. that’s insane..
    no other animal but
    one with sidewalks
    and books could
    come to
    that insane
    way of being..
    anywhere but now
    whole with nature one
    AKA the inheritance
    of the God experience..
    anyway the Good News is
    there IS A simple solution iF
    practiced early enough and that
    is touchy feely love in moving.. connecting
    and creating.. and yes that probably means
    homeschooling but hell if Tim Tebow can
    still be a rough boy by being home
    schooled.. so can other
    folks too..
    AND lEarn
    to give and share
    taking less through
    mastery of moving emoTioNs
    and integration of seNses sAMe..
    and the best news of all is this
    information as told by sages of
    the ages.. is all available online
    for more people than ever
    around the globe..
    Perhaps elitists..
    many elitists.. are
    in charge of the material stuff and
    and other money bill goods.. but they
    ARE NOT in charge of moving..
    connecting.. creating.. or the
    faith.. belief.. and hope of
    the real deal of mastering
    emoTioNs and inTeGraTinG
    seNses wHoLE on the
    individual level as even
    NO ONE CONTROLS me as i master and integrate
    all the stuff that counts in life.. which is Love
    in fearless.. kind and hopeful way in
    moving.. connecting.. creating
    alWays now..
    and money
    and materialistic
    goods has very very little
    to do with that as i could be
    Freddy Free Loader and as
    happy as i am now.. as long as
    i have three feet and space to dance
    and a hand to hold that holds me back
    from the insanity of society that surely
    (yes.. i’ll need food.. water.. and shelter too)
    IS A
    Hoax in my
    mind and body
    Balance of SoUL..
    heArt SinGinG in SpiRiT..
    alWays noW oNE.. graduAlly
    more folks will follow suit and iF
    the folks at the so-called top ever
    they will find
    the dollar
    bills and
    big mansions..
    yachts.. super
    fast sports cars
    and other ways of
    Luxury are just anoTHeR
    way to say HELL NOW.. sure
    the Meek have already inherited
    thE Earth.. and wE rough boys and
    girls thrive alive for the WiN noW oF
    Fearless Kind iN hoPE oF LovE REAL..:)

    • Thank you so much…it was a true ‘pearl’ that followed gigoids smart bee quote…I am sure my Twittering political followers will love it! 😉 Don’t ya just love Alan Watts.

      • You are very welcome penniewoodfall.. Alan Watts definitely shows profound genius in the area of Philosophy/Religion and the overall existential intelligence of what can make humans balance but sadly as often what happens this genius battled his own Demons out of Balance.. Namely the disease of addiction that is almost always a disease of Emotional and sensory imbalance at core.. In his case the bottle that cut his life short.. Anyway.. to me that makes what he achieved in verbal wisdom that much more impressive.. And considering if The Jesus dude actually did go on some angry tirades turning money tables over.. Obviously he didn’t get where Buddha did in actions speak louder than words.. Both should have spent more of their life dancing.. It works for me complete as balance but an athlete sage would be Apollo.. WiNks back at yA.. Yes.. THE flesh is highly underrated in Abrahamic religions and of course a substantial source of human frustration.. Aggression and mass killings.. And even Fear.. Hate and wars.. Pan is smArter2.. The soul is real and flesh and blood.. We need more naked Miley selfies to save the World as Jesus in metaphor was too scared to do the full Monty Python.. With WiNks Again.. i imagine Muhammad did but yeah.. Umm.. He had younger issues.. Oh.. the demons of a life out of balance in emotions/senses/sensualiLiTy flesh and blood way.. The real Devil of Abrahamic religious orienTated way.. And even modern Buddhist ways in at least someways with the ’97 Dali Lama announcement that Homosexuality IS A sin.. A balance of Lust and Love is integral to Homo sapiens sapiens peace of mind and body balance in moving.. connecting.. creating.. giving.. sharing ways.. The Bonobo is the greatest genius still in Love and Peace without any FucKinG written books at all.. The body keeps the FucKinG score.. Bottom and Top line..;)

        • ‘Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism’
          CHÖGYAM TRUNGPA, BORN IN 1939, is the first of the “crazy wisdom” … Note, now, that Trungpa did not depart from Tibet for India until age twenty…
          Before he died of acute alcoholism in 1987….
          Western materialism is indeed infectious…
          Lovely man! grin
          great book,read it many years ago….
          as with a glass of excellent wine….the body does indeed keep the score 😉

    • Nice one, my friend… I doubt I can keep up with all of this; y’all exploded my comment section while I slept….LOL! I’ll just hit the like button and enjoy the back & forth….

      See ya…


      • SMiLes to
        You FriEnD
        As cAlm
        Of Hurricane
        Fred word winds
        Breeze through again..
        i asked Katrina off the
        Recliner to come back
        To bed and she said oh
        My God.. Dear.. What
        If we sleep to 9 or 10..
        And then i sAid WTF
        FTW.. The REAL Modern
        FamiLY ISIS.. OsiRiS.. HoRuSzz..
        Three iN two for OnE wHoLe2..
        Only plays and never works for
        Pay.. So we can sleep to 11 or
        Even odd 13.. Wake up refreshed and Hurricane Fred and Katrina will blow again with ease of peaceful center cAlm green changing to blUe2.. and MiXinG
        With Brown eYes4.. Yes.. Yes!!.. too and Blow winds and rains aGaiN and say Oops.. We jUst pLayed

      • Oh yeah.. my friend gigoid
        and one more quick note here..
        before i go publish noW a very
        heavy macro verse in deed..
        if you remember that then
        post by Islam friend
        SOHEIR on
        ‘The Return
        of Jesus’
        THAT post
        in the comments
        section alone.. per
        just a video post then
        about the return now of
        Jesus and that was/is all..
        and 14,148
        yeah.. it’s
        safe to say
        iN some ‘sMAll’
        way.. i change the
        world everywHeRe
        i’Ve been and go2..2
        hope you FeeL better..
        the other two contenders
        iN THaT debaiT.. SOHEIR..
        and IMRAN.. rarely blog any
        more.. like they say in the
        Big Lebowski Movie..
        yA don’T
        wiTh thE
        JesuS noW..
        or NoT..
        SMiLeS noW..
        i’LL do anything
        for A SMiLe aGaiN..
        iT ain’T easy being
        A great White
        for Hope2.
        but i try..
        i cry..
        i try2..;)

    • I kinda view ‘them’ as “bodhisattva” coz to hang around here ya sure need a glass or two of good red wine…all things in moderation!
      The word bodhisattva originally meant something like “a being who is well on the way to becoming a Buddha.” The previous lives of the bodhisatta Sakyamuni are told in the Pali Jataka (“birth”) Tales, a collection of folk tales that later became the basis for Aesop’s fables, and that illustrate the Buddha-to-be’s development of good qualities such as patience, generosity, and compassion.
      Happy googling….:)

      • Oh Lord.. 10
        Minutes of
        Research and
        Yeah.. Just
        A non-consensual
        Predator “Holy Robe”..
        For rape associated
        Activities”.. Naked
        Miley Selfies yes..
        Raping Miley’s
        No means NO..
        To quote her..
        “It’s my pussy”..
        Only a distant
        Dream for
        Many Muslim women..
        And other so-called
        Treasured gifts
        From God too..
        Oh.. when the
        Pecker heads
        Preach.. Birds
        Of a Dick
        Run in

        • Haha…you found it! Thought you might! grin
          His book was good…I found out afterwards…and I am going back years..
          Many who search for the light in religion have such profound problems over sexuality..
          Repression does not serve well in religion…neither does following gurus…
          I step outside .. and observe…and there will always be suffering…

          • SMiLes.. penniewoodfall.. i was gonna say ditto back to you..
            on the free verse comment i just made back to gigoid but
            this one got me out of Bed at 10:11 am.. now 10:13 am..
            and i will quote you heRe for trUe and liGht wherE you
            say.. “Repression does not serve well in religion…
            neither does following gurus… I step outside ..
            and observe…and there will always be suffering…”
            and i say yes.. so true.. and what’s truly sad is
            when i read about that dude’s behavior on
            Wiki cliff notes.. it kinda sullies the other
            stuff he did that i will research more
            later.. as what i’ve come to lEArn
            is ya can’t discount a philosophy
            per liGht over the dArk pArts
            oF it like an out
            of control
            pair of pants..
            as generally speaking
            hyper-religiousity.. hyper-sexuality
            and potential for aggression goes
            hand in hand with at least a touch
            of hypomania.. to Bi-Polar.. as i kNow
            all too well.. for the biggest injection
            of all natural high side of thaT i’ve ever
            got after this cycle removed me from the
            dArkest hell i’ve ever seen too.. i’Ve
            lEarned to control the balance of the
            hypersexual pARt with Art thank God
            in this new brave Internet world.. and
            i’M hyperspiritual more than ever
            but it doesn’t matter what age
            or word of humankind goes
            with thaT in structured
            religion rules or not..
            and aggression.. well.. leT’s
            just say i’ve pushed the edge
            in defending myself in physical
            ways i’ve never done before.. and
            put a lid on that too.. and am probably
            fortunate that no one had a gun and
            shot me dead on the dance floor..etc..
            if i got all paranoid about that too..
            which fortunately i don’t have
            that pArt of Bi-Polar this
            go around that
            i experienced
            when my last
            big UP EXPERIENCE
            HAPPENED AT AGE 21..
            IN ’81.. ANYWAY.. i have empathy
            for the Jesus.. the Muhammad. and
            lots of gurus and even this dude who
            was feeling up the skirts of women who
            were not exactly really into him.. although
            he was never officially charged with a crime
            i understand.. it happens.. i don’t condone
            it.. i have always been able to control
            that and generally speaking literally
            fortunate as the girls have always
            come to me.. and still do
            in clothed ways
            of dance FREE..
            and hey.. being
            56 slows stuff down
            a little bit at least.. noW
            i’m not saying being a guru
            is an illness in spiritual way..
            but it is a disorder no doubt out
            of the norm.. per the literal definition
            of what is seen in and out of order my
            friend.. i’m just glad i reap the positive
            liGht benefits.. and stay truly all of out
            of the negative soup.. of human misery
            and suffering.. now.. but the now i live and
            all the advantages of what culture does bring
            in adaptation for those who are smARt enough
            in science and art to navigate it.. is truly a weapon
            of Love in hope.. faith.. and belief.. in fearless kind
            ways that is like a perfect storm too.. of prepare ye
            a way
            for little
            old me..
            Anyway.. thanks my
            friend.. this changes the
            title of my 680th epic macro
            verse of longest long form poem
            ever.. approaching 4M words now..
            to “Pan at the Apollo Theater2”..
            as the WhOle comes again
            as micro and macro
            oF it iN streAms
            to River of
            Field of
            and particle
            H20 water
            ONCE AGaiN..
            oh.. the joy of Bi-Polar
            reined in with reign of rains..
            in liGhTED TALK wAY oF Fred..
            yeah.. and i’m WorKinG like a
            mad scientist sTiLL to keep that
            ego thing in artful control2.. as
            Truly the grandiosity pARt of
            Bi-Polar has sunk an other
            wise long term story
            of many a Guru2..
            sexual exploits..
            roses.. and
            etc.. the
            DArk has its
            say too.. and sure
            somewhere deep down
            tHeRe is sTill a little bLack
            Spot on an otherwise white oLd sOuL..
            wHolE.. but that’s the way the Yin and Yang
            iN the
            diceY of Life
            mY Friend..
            long and
            as alWays
            i’LL be back aGaiN
            somenow wITh more
            of you.. WitH grins oF liGht..
            for what i FeeL..
            sEnse.. and KnoW
            SexuaLiTy in
            all the SeNsual
            ways that comeS in
            and moVinG iN General
            has been the miSsinG
            connecting LiNk of public
            religions and philosophy
            way too long.. and that’s
            changing in prepare ye
            a way of Miley
            oh.. the team work..
            oh.. the team work..
            OF TEaM LIGHT..
            THE REAL F in
            freeST verse ILLUMINATI
            cAlled by A pan of
            NatUre aLL as sucH
            AKA GOD NOW2..
            oF HUmans noW oH
            so brave and FucKinG
            CRAZY AS ME.. HEHE..
            HORSE COME BACK TOO2..
            with a little ancestral mix
            of Cherokee too..
            hmm. i thInk
            tHeRe IS A
            SonG by
            Cher for
            this2.. anyWay
            see ya.. as the
            winds oF Y i
            uP aGaiN..
            enJoy another glass
            of red wine.. i StaYiN
            aWay from aLL of thaT even
            F iN coFfee or a hot toddy2..
            keeps mY hiGhS iN cHecK..
            another thing.. Buddha and
            etc.. didn’t understand.. not every
            one is as high as Bi-Polar/hypomania
            folks as they then too.. Cognitive empathy..
            a life long practice of understanding what it’s
            like to walk in the other shoes.. no philosophy..
            no religion.. no ted or fred talk works the same
            for each snowflake of God.. oh so special AND REAL..
            way juSt
            NOW gets
            the liFE JOB DonE..
            per right to liFe.. libertY
            and the pursuit of hapPineSS2..
            and nah.. happiness wasn’t alWays
            possible in joy way much of human
            history but iT iS noW in heaven trUe FReED..
            aS liGht..
            DO iT.. ToPs
            iF ONE CAN1
            AND WiLL2 NOW iN
            gOlden RULE WAY3 aS oNE…:)

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