Fleeting moments of clarity and grace….

Good morrow…. I’m very late getting up, as I went out last night with my two kids, where we had great fun, watching my six-foot four, 210 lb. son annihilate a “burger challenge” by eating 10 1/3 lb. burgers in 15 minutes, thus earning a t-shirt, and a tummy bulge….. At any rate, it’s way too late to put together enough to post, without excessive cheating, so, we’ll cheat all the way, with a blast from the past. Here is a pretty good one from late in 2012… Enjoy, ffolkes; I’ll be back tomorrow morning, with a fresh Pearl for your perusal…. See ya….



I’m not sure I can do this….. not this way. I’m sitting on a complete Pearl, you see. The one that was completed for posting on the 13th has not made it to the Net, as I haven’t figured out yet whether it will work to edit the old post, or just add a new one with that material….. The title I came up with on the 13th was certainly one of the best I’ve done… “Despite the disaster, yak butter was still on the menu….”  Brilliant, if I do say so myself, as it tells a whole story all by itself, without any supportive material; I don’t know about y’all, but I get a mental vision of some poor sap in a dingy kitchen, struggling to chop vegetables, as he worries about the price of yak butter…. perhaps not quite Hemingway, but, maybe Raymond Chandler?…. Okay, Steven King…

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9 thoughts on “Fleeting moments of clarity and grace….

    • LOL! No, but, my son probably is… He was amazing… I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow…. I just overslept by a lot, & didn’t have enough done to fake it…. Hope you’re feeling better….

      See ya; I’ll be by in a while…


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