Irregular behavior patterns on parade….

Today’s exploration of reality must be pursued in real time; I have a number of things to do out in the Big Blue Room, & didn’t manage to get a Pearl done before morning arrived… Here’s a pretty decent Pearl from a couple years ago, to fill in for today. It’s got some decent ranting in it, so, it should get you through your morning coffee with some dispatch. I’ll be back tomorrow, all fresh…. or, as fresh as I can make it. See y’all then; be good to each other….

gigoid, the dubious



You’ll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race.”
~~  George Bernard Shaw ~~
“Did someone say “walk”?”

The dogs belong to a photographer in England. She rescued all three dogs, and now takes pictures of them together, and separately, from a unique viewpoint; I found this, along with a number of other excellent photos, on the web site of the London Daily Telegraph…. I love the pictures, which she uses to demonstrate a number of emotions or issues of a humorous nature…. If you have a chance, check them out some time… I forgot to take down the name, of either the dogs, or the photographer, but, Google will find the picture, if it is plugged in, just like it will find words….

Now that the housekeeping has been completed, we could go on to something more compelling, or intense, but…

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7 thoughts on “Irregular behavior patterns on parade….

  1. The photos are great…..for some reason seeing the dogs makes me want to listen to some Jethro Tull…….that is how weird today is going to be….LOL chuq

    • LOL!…. Maybe it’s the one who looks like Ian, the front man for JT….

      I know what you mean about weird; I have to go out today, so I’m mentally preparing myself to NOT kill any mundanes while I’m out….

      Have a good one, anyway….



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