Renfield, settle our account…. Use the real money….


I woke up in a foul mood, without apparent cause, at least none I’m willing to discuss. Here’s a decent sublimation, to get me to tomorrow, when, perhaps, the universe will be less troublesome to an old curmudgeon…. See ya….




“Hey, mister!”
“Got religion?”
“No, thank God.”

Okay, so maybe it’s not always the best way to begin…. I like it, though, if only for the degree of irony in the final line…. It probably doesn’t help soothe the minds of whatever readers may have ventured into today’s mess, but, dammit, this is ECR, and we won’t be pulling our punches for anybody! Not in THIS lifetime, even if it’s the only one we get this time (which is how it is beginning to appear….).

Life is too short, and too hard, to waste any time being hypocritical, especially when there has been enough trouble from that sector, (religion), historically, to last us, for as long as we want to hold a grudge…. Personally, I plan on holding it for a LONG time…. and, I LIKE looking myself in the eye every morning in the mirror….

Some days…

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2 thoughts on “Renfield, settle our account…. Use the real money….

  1. I have been on the social media with friends trying to learn more about this coup thingy….ruined my Saturday when I try to back away so I am with you a bit cranky…LOL chuq

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