No, sorry. Wrong imaginary number….

I’ve noted previously how SB occasionally goes on strike; it happened again yesterday, making it impossible to pearl. To keep the rhythm going, here is a Pearl from last year, with some rather good material… It will do for today, & I’ll be back tomorrow with a fresh offering…. Y’all be strange; it’s cool out there….




“I’m afraid of no man, and very few women.”

~~ Smart Bee, speaking for gigoid ~~


Ironic Tulips in Oregon

Good morning…. In the perhaps misguided hope of continuing to be able to use that assessment, I’m NOT going to relate any of the events which took place yesterday during my foray into the BBR. Suffice it to say, my lawyer tells me I should be able to escape prosecution, since none of the participants died, or received any lasting injuries. Also, the two poor wee myrmidons are expected to fully recover from their confusion, so, there’s no way they can hold me responsible, since I wasn’t the one who called them. Besides, they got the fire out without any injuries or real damage to their silly war wagon; it wasn’t my fault they tried to…. well, never mind, you can read about it in the news….

Believe me…

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