Breaking news: Cop bitten by doughnut….


I find myself once again unable to sit long enough to write this morning, so here’s a reblog from a few years ago, with some decent material for your morning read… I hope y’all enjoy it; some of you already have…

See y’all tomorrow



And then, I woke up….. at that magical hour of the day, when it reads as a perfectly balanced trio of primes, at 3:33….. or, as the Martians would say, a three, filled. It truly is a magical time, when nobody else is stirring, and I have the thought waves pretty much all to myself. I can direct the flow of them, or let them carry me off to a place where nothing is too fantastic to consider, and nothing is forbidden to think, or to say….. It’s a place in my mind I go to a lot, especially when I’m feeling stressed, or blue, because it’s impossible to feel bad there, where total freedom, of thought, of action, of life is not merely encouraged, but demanded…..

Then, of course, I come back to reality, reluctantly, but always in a better frame of mind with which to approach whatever…

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3 thoughts on “Breaking news: Cop bitten by doughnut….

    • LOL! To be honest, that is the very first poem I ever memorized, when I first saw it on a public bathroom stall, age four… Such excellent Anglo-Saxon alliteration, graphic and real…

      Workin’ on a new one….

      See ya…


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