Cosmic rays are scrambling our emotional states….


I am still not writing much; reading a lot, though…. Here is a decent Pearl, with some rather pointed ranting that makes me proud. Since this is as close as it gets right now, I offer it today as sublimation. Take that as you will… I’m going back to my books….

See ya

gigoid, the dubious



Having spent the last 8 or so hours in complete and utter misery, or, as much as anyone sleeping indoors in a warm place can experience in one night, I am up, and ready to Pearl, in my own fashion…. Coffee’s siren call fills my senses as, bravely, I sally forth from the chamber of horrors that comprises my sleeping room, to do battle with the forces of evil one more time….

Not that there are any such nasty forces at play right here and now, but, it sounds more dramatic that way, making it easier to talk myself into this again. Motivation can play a big part in getting a Pearl done, especially in the beginning, when potential is strongest, but, the day has not yet been given a direction, or even a mood….

Motivation today will be an issue of note, I’m thinking, as it generally is…

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