Dwelling now in the fields of Endymion…..


Much to do early in the day, so, a re-blog is in order. Here’s one from 2013, with a small, but, important notice, marking the passage of a friend…. I’ll be back tomorrow, with bells on. Or, off. I don’t know, and don’t care, cuz it’s tomorrow….

Blessed Be




I may stop looking at the statistics for my blog altogether, after the lesson I was taught yesterday….. Two days ago, I wrote a very short Pearl, to say I was taking the day off, essentially. After weeks of seeing only 4to 6 people visit the blog, and only a few Likes, the short blurb garnered 11 Likes in the first 12 hours. I was astounded at that outburst of visitors, but, even more astounded yesterday….. I wrote what I thought to be an excellent Pearl, with a rant and everything…. I just now looked at it, and ONE person has seen it…. ONE. LMAO ROFL!…. as they say in the text world…. One regular reader came by and left their mark, and that was it… total = 1. I suppose this could also be expressed as a box score, to wit: Universe 1 – gigoid 0……

Hilarious! It…

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