Wait! Don’t shoot, it’s Bob’s uncle!…..


I’ve been busy with the three L’s (Living Life Large)…. Plus, SB’s in a weird place; the pearls it’s showing are all rather mundane. Here’s a pretty decent Pearl from 2013, while I was still an opioid addict, thanks to modern medicine… All over now, but, it made life interesting, to say the least…

I’ll be back tomorrow, with a reasonably complete Pearl; for today, this will have to do, for all of us….

See ya, ffolkes….

gigoid, the dubious



The life I lead now is much different from the one that I had back in the day, prior to the advent of the chronic pain with which I now live. For example, before the pain became a contributing factor, I could pretty much do anything, physically, that I wished to do. Sports, martial arts, camping, driving, cooking, virtually all of the activities I once pursued without a thought to how it might affect me are now proscribed, as being too painful to pursue.

Even activities such as walking are now limited to how long I can go without stimulating more pain, or becoming fatigued, which is the most common precursor to the upper realms of pain, otherwise known as pure agony, a state clearly distinguishable from any ecstasy, let me assure you….

I am not relating this to garner sympathy; thanks, but no thanks. I’ve had plenty of…

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6 thoughts on “Wait! Don’t shoot, it’s Bob’s uncle!…..

    • Hola, amigo… not bad, altogether… Finally got to a plateau, it seems; now I’ve just got to figure out how to stay on it…. Hope all is well down on the lower coast….

      I’ll by by in a bit to get snarky….



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