Patterns in the dust say otherwise…..


Good morrow. Smart Bee is in a snit, holding back the best pearls in favor of crap. Plus, I’m tired, even though sleep hasn’t been a problem. All that probably gives you the correct idea, which is I didn’t complete a Pearl for you, and will be re-blogging an old one. Pretty old, too, since it came from almost four years ago, when I was still working on format and my own style… Of course, that actually never did gel, but, we’ve learned to cope. For today, coping means going back to sleep for a while…. It’s good to be retired from working, y’know? There are disadvantages to aging; we’ve all heard the stories. I find the perks to be more of a compelling reason to celebrate this time of life. I get to be grumpy when I want, and nobody can tell me when or where to be…. Pretty cool, in my book.

Enjoy today’s offering, ffolkes. I’ll be back tomorrow, to torment and challenge y’all once again. Go figure….

See ya

gigoid, the dubious


My schedule of posting is all screwed up…. First, I missed a day from rain. Today, the day I am writing this, is Christmas Day, one which I have worked very hard to both ignore, and to reach, and is another day I will be unable to post again, as there are no buses, the library is closed, and it is too far to walk to the nearest Wi-Fi spot (at Starbucks, about a mile and a half away)…. In addition, even though I wasn’t able to post on two days, I still wrote a complete Pearl for them. Now, I’m sitting on two days worth of material, and losing track of what goes where, and in what tense I should be speaking…. In the words of our dark little bear of little brains, Winnie the Pooh, “Bother!”…..

I don’t believe I’ve ever had this much material done ahead…

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