It ain’t the curiosity, it’s the stubbornness….


Ugh…. I guess I overdid the birthday thing. This morning, I’m overhung, and a full pound heavier. Go figure.

Since I didn’t write, at all, here is a Pearl from 2014 that meanders around my head quite well for a time, and should do quite nicely as a fill in for today. I will do my best to be back, in full stride, tomorrow.

Blessed Be




Forty-eleven different things COULD go here…. in fact, at one point or another, they all have…. gone there, I mean. All forty-eleven of them were more appropriate than this sort of faux-intimate chatter, but, since retiring, I seem to find a lot of things I like to do that aren’t appropriate…. Too bad, so sad, but, what’re  ya gonna do? I don’t seem to be able to find a spot in me anywhere that gives a shit, so, the world is just going to have to deal with this one on those terms, and, again, too bad, so sad if it doesn’t like it, because, hey, this may be a world controlled by faceless, shadowy psychopaths, but, it’s still MY head, and nobody gets to tell it what it can do, or think, but me…. So there….

Okay, take a breath, self….

Now that we have the disclaimer out…

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7 thoughts on “It ain’t the curiosity, it’s the stubbornness….

    • Aye, we do. Now, if only I could remember what I did, it might make the (head: bad) go away…. LOL! Or, not….

      I’ll live. With some regret, I must confess…. The world insists on shouting at those who are in pain….

      SIGH…. At my age, one would think I’d know better. Good to know I can still be a bozo….


      Have a good one, bro. I’ll be fine in a few hours…


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