Smatterings of apologetic sincerity….


Due to circumstances well within my control, I’m on hold today, to pay close attention to the wind, and which way it intends to blow…. Here is an old Pearl, with lots of ranting, and some all-around good stuff. I’ll be back when I’ve put another fresh Pearl together, in a day or so….

Stay alert; these days, that’s the only advice I’m offering….



I know that I am falling behind on comments; I knew it would happen, as I don’t have the time online to get to most of them. Lately, it has been all I could do to get posted, and check email, so for those who have commented on any of my posts, please be patient. I’ll get to them ASAP…… If it helps, you all have my abject apologies….

Tomorrow, I’ll be filing my SS forms with the lawyer, and they should be off to the bureau itself by Tuesday…. then I can once again enter the Twilight Zone of waiting for a federal response. Theoretically, it should take less than 90 days for a decision, so I am hopeful of hearing before Christmas…. and if the decision is as it should be, positive, then I may actually get to have Christmas this year, something I’ve had to skip…

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