A good deal in a truck school….


I’m involved in battling demons today (well, that’s every day, but, today it’s taking precedence. Plus, I’m going to Twitter a while. Maybe. In any case, I’ll be back to relative normal by tomorrow, or, thereabouts, if all goes as planned. (Shut it, Murphy!) This one gives a bit of the flavor of my day today, and, might even stimulate a thought here & there… One may hope…. See ya, ffolkes…. blessed be…




“I’m confused – more than usual, that is.” — Smart Bee

I am considering using this as the opening line for this blog every day, much like the sig file I use at the end (“Sometimes I sits and….”)…. It certainly fits my usual state of mind when I sit down to write in the mornings. In fact, it occurs so often, it could be considered a ritualistic behavior, designed to mitigate the overall impact of having to wake up and get moving. I have learned enough in my years to make sure that I own a programmable coffee maker, that has my coffee ready for me when I get up. But, I still have to get up, stir in the condiments I use, then go stare at the computer while it boots up…. by the time I’ve sipped a few ounces down, and I’m beginning to be able…

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