Safely insane amid the noise and tedium…..

I celebrated the New Year last night, in order to avoid joining all the amateurs who will be out and about tonight. The plan worked, except I forgot the price, which I am now paying. It’s a stiff price, too; I’m going back to bed, & may not get up until next year. For now, here’s a pretty good Pearl from 2013 for your reading experience for today…

Blessed Be, ffolkes, & if I don’t see ya, have a safe & happy New Year…

gigoid, the extremely dubious


Unbeknownst to the rest of us, the warranty on this state of reality has expired, and I don’t think there will be any renewal, not for us, and not for the dreams we once held. Sad, but true….. A lesser man might become depressed, or fall into the state of mind where a lack of caring, about anything, becomes attractive, rather than the low-level sense of doom that is the lot of those who have any wit to spare. Instead, I think…. I’ll have a beer…..

Or maybe not…. it’s a bit early for a Budweiser, I suppose. I’m not sure exactly what the above paragraph is all about, other than as a possible lead-in to a rant, and it’s WAY too soon in this process to start that….. I haven’t even had enough coffee to be able to blink without concentrating, and I can’t be trusted to tie…

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