Platitudes are on sale every third decade….


If I could find my head, I’d at least have a clue as to why it’s not in its usual spot. Since I can’t, I’ll merely say, I am “under the weather’, & let it go at that. Fighting off a cold with massive doses of garlic, & weathering the pain caused by the weather, which is rainy & cold. Also fighting demons, but, that’s de rigeur around here. Here’s a decent Pearl from a while back… Since this one was posted, we’ve seen a lot of changes in format, & given up on ranting so much, so, please enjoy this one, which doesn’t hold back at all… I’ll try to get back tomorrow, but, only time will tell on that. I hope y’all feel better than I do just now, & stay that way…. I’ll be better; it’s only pain, and time…

See ya

gigoid, dubiously



Hello, ffolkes, I’m back…. It seems Ernie H-II, the writing ‘bot I found, filled in yesterday with distinction, if not perfection…. I appreciate his help in a tight spot; I didn’t feel well, and left myself short of time to get it figured out, so, his willingness to pitch in on short notice saved the day…. It isn’t often you get that kind of cooperation from a ‘bot, especially an AI ‘bot, but, he is a VERY well-programmed machine, and it shows in his demeanor….

I’m still not feeling like busting out in song, but, I think I can pull it together long enough to put out a Pearl… with a bit of help from whatever impulsive absurdity I can come up with on the spur of the moment to keep it moving, or to supply the proper stimulus at the proper moment to keep it from flagging…. That…

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3 thoughts on “Platitudes are on sale every third decade….

    • LOL! I would do that, but, I think that’s what reduced my resistance… & added 8 lbs to my waist… Got lazy over Xmas month I guess, & now paying for it… I’ll be okay; garlic’s got the cold about done, & the rest will pass in time… I’ll see if I can get by later, but, no promises today… Hope you’re doing well as you may; this weather is tough on the bones….

      Take care, bro…


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