Conundrums be damned! Fire away!….

Today’s re-blog has some thoughts on the previous election in these parts, which bore some striking similarities to the most recent example. In what you read, just replace “Mitt the Twitt” with, the Trumpette, & it will all make sense. If not, well, it’s a small moment or two out of your life… Enjoy! I’ll be back soon, maybe….



Heart pounding, he typed faster and faster, as words poured out onto the screen. No simple story this time, no bleeding hearts. No fantasy lovers, no warriors brave. Simple dialogue, with real people speaking real words, straight from Life, naked and proud. To hide now would be disaster, only the truth will help save what there is to save. Only sacrifice will bring back…. the dry cleaning….

Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything else that would fit, and I’m still having trouble sitting for long. I don’t suppose this one will get into the hall of fame, will it? I thought not…. I didn’t want to settle for that, but the deadline was approaching quickly, and nothing else came bubbling up. It could be worse, right? I could have said…. the Devil, or some other force of evil, which would have created some anticipatory twinges amongst the readers, but…

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