His registered nickname is “Stinky”….


‘Twas a busy day yesterday out in the BBR, dealing with modern life in a chaotic world. Since I didn’t have time, or inclination, to sit & pearl, we’re going with this one from the archives; it’s pretty decent, all in all, and will serve us nicely to fill in for today’s scheduled mess. I hope you enjoy it; I did….Hopefully, I’ll have a fresh one tomorrow. Until then, enjoy, & stay half crazy, ffolkes; it’s a grand defense against the craziness that surround us today….




I’m here…. purportedly, I’m awake, but, given my state of confusion, and pain, bless its black little heart, I may be incorrect in that assessment. For some reason, which shall evermore remain unknown, and, possibly, unknowable, I have no idea what the date should be. When I began to write this morning, the date that I put above the first line, here in the program where I compose Pearls, said that today is the eighteenth of the month…. but, the little perpetual calendar I use says it is only the seventeenth. Since my phone and computer both agree with the latter, I’m going with that, but, what happened to the sixteenth, or fifteenth, or wherever I lost count? Somewhere in my brain, there is an entire day wandering around, empty and alone, poor thing, destined to never find its way back into the calendar…. Sad story, eh?….

Well, perhaps…

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