A very private Bozo in most respects….

‘Twas yet another busy day in the BBR; combine that with Smart Bee’s unfortunate habit of taking a vacation just when needed, & today’s fresh Pearl again bit the dust. To my credit, I did spend a little time commenting, but, these days, my chair time is severely limited…. By now, y’all realize what’s coming, so, I’ll just get on with it…. This one is pretty good, as an example of a complete, classic style Pearl, with a bit of everything…. Of course, it’s all from my head, so, take it as you will. Me, I’m gonna stay out of the rain, and see if I can’t finish the Pearl for tomorrow….

Not bad for someone in the midst of demonic wars, eh?….

See ya….




Thirty-some minutes later, I woke up, and tried again…. It’s pointless for me to get upset now; the damage is done, and mostly cleaned up, so no further time needs to be spent on this morning’s major flare-up of Murphyism, or in this instance, my own bozoid tendencies interacting with Murphy’s due diligence…. Hmm… that’s even more obscure than I intended, and is perfect proof that this entire process may not be a good idea today…. At the rate things are progressing, by the time I can finish a Pearl, or even a pearl, I’ll have lost a limb, and the house will be on fire….

I can’t chance it, ffolkes…. I’ve just completed the final clean-up task to be accomplished, and reality is up in active arms against me. Every action is being challenged, somehow, by another little piece of the environment, or maybe it’s by the coming…

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